Today is Tuesday, which means we made it through Monday! Not too shabby!Time to start making banana bread, pumpkin bread, and my favorite Friendship bread!

Good Morning world, it is that time of the year, find your baking pans and let the baking begin! Banana  bread, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, and the best bread in the land FRIENDSHIP BREAD!

Friendship bread!

Friendship bread!


I always thought friendship bread was such a cool thing to make. It takes a week to actually have the dough ready for baking . every day you add an extra ingredients  and squish the bag each day till that day comes when you open the bag split it into three bags one to add more stuff too and then slide it in a pan and bake for your home and three extra bags too pass on to your friends or family, they now have a starter and so it continues. The hard part is finding someone with a starter, hence the name friendship bread . Each person adds a little special touch of their own and every time you bake your bread it is never exactly what you baked the last time always great and always a tad different!

Today is Tuesday, I have plans today, this is a rarity. I am going out for lunch with my “middle” and a friend of hers. I am so looking forward to this, a trip to eat my favorite food, great company and then the trip to the most fun grocery store ever! It’s an Asian  grocery store a bit of a drive but oh so worth the trip! They have so many fun colors and tasty food there. I love buying things I cannot read, I talk to the gals there and they keep teaching me how to make amazing Japanese dishes! I am getting better at it. Last night I made Teriyaki  Salmon and sushi rice!  grilled veggies to boot! A tasty meal if I say so myself. Yet, while I tasted it I actually did not eat dinner, see this is really quite common for me. I love to cook and I am really a very good cook, but I never have an appetite once the cooking is done.  I must figure out a way to change this situation.

So a trip to The Sushi Station in Rolling Meadows, it’s the best one a little smaller but great lunch dishes! I also love the staff there. So road trip!

This is food that is also an art!  Here is where we will be going!

                                                                                                                       SUSHI STATION

What is so cool about this place is you pay by the color of the plates. Each plate is a price, anywhere from $1.00-$5.00. So you really can enjoy eating whatever you want. It is served in the style of real Japanese style conveyor belts. it goes round and round and you open up the glass covers and grab what you want. The portions are small so you can try anything and decide what it is you like! Lunchtime is my favorite time to go because they have amazing lunch specials! Always a guaranteed good meal and fun with friends! Did I just write a review? I didn’t mean too. I was just telling my point of view. I love this place! It is the only restaurant I go out too eat at. The rest of the time I cook my food!

I am aching mighty horrible today but I want to go out, I have a little cabin fever I think. Between the weather and my body I am home most of the time. I am not complaining  in the least I really am just giving myself a pep talk!  go-go- go-go go!!! my hands hurt my back hurts and I am limping mighty badly the last few days because my knee is shot! (((sigh)))

Sing club begins today for “small fry” although I have been known to call her Fred, do not even bother to ask why, she would tell you I have so many silly nicknames, it is just my nature. So, “Fred” begins today, I hope she has a blast. She has a natural beautiful voice and loves, loves loves to sing. I wish I had an ounce of her talent to sing. I cannot carry a tune any longer.

When I was 15, I went to Great America like everyone else in the world before I knew how frightened I was about heights!

                                                                                  Okay, so this is not the screaming eagle I rode.

Lets try that again;

I believe this is the weapon that ruined my vocal cords!

We stood in line my Boyfriend at the time and two other couples we went with. Stupid me agreed to sit in the front seat of The Screaming Eagle the wooden roller coaster ride, what did I know I had never been on any ride before in my life! I began screaming before we ever began to move, I begged them to let me off I was so scared so terrified. and then the bars locked me in tight. I panicked horribly, they refused to let me out they laughed said I would be fine. I was in no way shape or form OKAY! I screamed till I blew out my vocal cords! One more trip by way of ambulance for me, I actually tore my vocal cords! I have not been able to carry a tune or sing really at all.. I sing when nobody’s listening but other than that I stay quiet.

Needless to say I did not end up staying with that boyfriend, he thought it was hilarious , I was beyond scared and now scared for life! I lost my singing voice. which makes me sad some days. I don’t know, I still sing loud in a car when I am alone, who really care what I sound like then?

Sing like nobody’s listening, dance like nobody is watching, live like it’s  your last day, never apologize for who you are, live your own life , run your own race!  Settle for nobody, go for the best, It is your story, write your own pages, be brave!

I am being brave, I am baring it all, the good, the great, the bad, the sad, the ugly, the unfortunate, and the very good oh my G-d amazing! Because that is my tale, it is the journey I am on. I did not get to always choose the path i was on but I do choose what I do with that path, I could turn around and go back or forge ahead and make the best of what is in store for me. I choose that usually. Some-days I am braver than others. Some days I prefer to just hide. Only for 24 hours though never longer than that! Got to dig deep I keep, saying deeper on some days.

Where I spent my childhood, walking through these trees, it was a stunning campus, a beautiful place to walk around. It is where I lived that was so horrible. I loved the days even the nights I walked through here. My children grew up seeing this in their early days. Hyde Park is beautiful, though the neighborhood is not the safest.

Believe in yourself, your neighbors, your work, your ultimate attainment of more complete happiness. It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in Autumn. 
– B. C. Forbes

Autumn QuotesThank you for poking your head in today, but I have things to do, places to go, and my body is complaining , Must take good care of it so I can enjoy this beautifully, stunning weather, despite my aches and pains!

Take a peak outdoors today if you can and look and see how beautiful all the colors of our world is!

Even the darkest days, if you look around and fill your soul with beauty ,the ugly tends to take a backseat, exactly where it belongs!  Do not allow the dark days to define you, let it stay in the background and keep your eyes looking at the beauty the world has so faithfully painted if we just look, it was painted for us!

                 Mother Nature sure is wonderful! Life is true Art! Look around and tell me what do you see?


Robin ~a simple bird.


12 thoughts on “Today is Tuesday, which means we made it through Monday! Not too shabby!Time to start making banana bread, pumpkin bread, and my favorite Friendship bread!

  1. I want the recipe for friendship bread, it sound delicious!!! I always smile somewhere while reading your blog, sometimes I think a lot sometimes I feel sad. But most often I hear my special friend talking to me, I hear her telling me about her very colorful life ups and downs with courage and determination and with wonder and joy at all that is around her. With love in her heart thou her body is in so much pain- A true survivor and thriving person despite what life has given has her both good and difficult. Much Love to you Robin, always 🙂

    • Thank you for joining me. The Sushi Station is a favorite place of mine. I wish they had them everywhere as well! Maybe one day you will make your way to the Windy City and come join me for sushi!

      • stay in touch! I am trying so hard to keep this writing up but I find the new comp and this form hard. I am all ears for any suggestions. thank you for following me on this journey of mine.

      • thank you , I appreciate it. I think it is very cool taking criminal law. I am extremely interested in criminal profiling. the study of people and what they think and do is fascinating!

      • I am still very early on into my school daze, but I am enjoying every minute of it, ticking away the days until I can get into my psychology class. The human mind and how it thinks has always interested me. I am going to start blogging about it just as soon as I get comfortable with my tablet…. I hardly use the computer anymore, its ridiculous lol. Hope thevwriting has been going well! As you can see mine has been put to a stand still. Lol good thing writers block isnt contagious eh?

    • I need some advice, I don’t know if you can help me but I am frustrated as a long blog seems to be missing and I do not know how to get it back. It went out as an email but it does not show up as a finished product on wordpress or any other site I have included. any advice?

      • I am sorry I haven’t gotten this until now, I am not sure how you would go about rectifying this kind of issue save that maybe you could contact wordpress’ IT staff and see if they can figure out the error, and send out an alert to all of your Email readers to try an get a copy of the email draft which will at least keep you from loosing all of your information!! I hope you got it back okay, if not maybe that will help.

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