I love Halloween, it is the one day of the year you really can be anyone. This year my granddaughter choose to be Steve a character from Mindcraft! She is quite the fan at 8 years of age. I was at her school today and I saw many different characters parading about. Led by the Cat in The hat!

The Principle is always the Cat in the Hat! I just love it!

If I can ever figure out what is wrong with my phone I will add the photos of today! I am a witch of course, any doubt in your mind? I am a wicked witch not a bad witch!

That is the dress I wear, though this year I did not paint my face!

Today I will keep this short as much to do with Trick or treating will begin shortly. I still remember my kids making a second turn for more treats once i got dark outside. Those days are long gone but the memories will remain forever. I will see how far I am able to walk but today I’m going with Miss Flo, also my friend and her crowd! I will wear my dress and my hat to keep my keppy dry, and here’s is hoping I make it till the finish line.

Its a wonderful day to be young, it is a wonderful day to reflect, its a wonderful day to daydream of all you want to be! Its a wonderful day to give a little something sweet as the little ones pass your home today. Please don’t be the mean old woman that I read about last night who gave out FAT LETTERS to those she deemed as carrying a little extra weight! What a crazy thing to do! Who does that? It is not as though these children who may be a little larger than others aren’t already worried how they look or that they aren’t already a little self-conscience. I think it is a terrible thing this woman did!

…at any rate go go enjoy your time giving out candy or whatever it is you are passing out, one of my neighbors passes out beer for the parents!

Enjoy yourselves whatever you choose to do this is the one day of the year where even grown ups get to have a really wicked time!


Have a safe and Wicked Halloween!

Robin~ a simple bird,

Today I am a Wicked Witch!


It is not a perfect life no matter how you slice it.

It is not about regrets ,it is about the choices we make.

We can choose to regret or choose to embrace.

We learn from mistakes or we repeat them.

It is the outlook that will matter in the end.

Live with regrets, or live and rejoice!

I often talk about one’s soul. We do not have a soul someone once told me, you ARE a soul we have a body which carries our soul.

Food for thought, I think.

They say that the eyes are the window to ones soul, I think if anyone stopped to actually look we might find they were one smart cookie whoever said that. Ones eyes cannot lie, try as you might your eyes will give you a way every time!

I find the topic of souls interesting because a soul is not something one can hold in their hand it is an abstract item. It is the very essence of our being, again it is what I think. Some people are born with young souls and some with old souls. I think there are even some who are born with no soul at all. Sad but true I believe. For if one has a soul they could not ever harm another being in the ways I read about every day or as was done to me as a child. How can you rape someone and still have a soul? Or maybe it is not that they do not have a soul perhaps it is that they were born with an ugly soul..

Food for though?

They say, one should always follow their hearts. What is your heart is broken, or at least feels that way. Which part should you follow of the broken pieces you have yet to pick up and put back together?

Know when to walk away, and don’t look back.

I say something a little different to both my friends as well as the children I have raised. Listen to your GUT it rarely steers you wrong. when led by ones heart more likely than not you will end up with a broken heart. Funny how our minds play tricks on us all the time. You brain says walk away. Your heart says stay… what does the little voice you’re trying to hush say? That is the voice one needs to hear, that is your inner soul trying to help you out.

That means sitting quietly so you can listen to your soul speak.

Too often we ignore that voice, we don’t always like what it speaks. Though I tend to think it speaks truths we need to hear. We might find out we are happier people if we listen to that voice inside.

I find that hard to do more often than not. I am constantly thinking and racing thoughts of what to do, how to do it, when to do it.

Nonstop all day long, all night. Finding quiet inside my mind is so difficult for me. I listen to my soul when I can hear it. Often the noises of our lives just get in the way, don’t let them. Whatever it is that allows you to listen to your soul DO IT! I don’t know I surely do not hold all the answers, I am still learning how to listen to the little voice inside that yells at me all the time. Sometimes you may find you have spread yourself way to thin leaving nothing left for yourself. I suffer from that .

I have gone through a lot of testing recently, due to my health and trying to keep a positive outlook so whatever news comes my way I will be able to cope, to file and make the best of whatever next comes my way. It is scary and worrisome. Control what you can and leave the rest to just be? Oh giving up control, such a hard thing to do! Leave nothing to fate control everything. Truth is try as one might that is not the way it really works. The way it really works is this…

Change what you can ,do what you know, and accept the things the way they are?

I don’t know about that either I think there are things way beyond our control and you do just have to make the best of what is an ugly situation that you cannot control or change. YOU CAN change your attitude, you can choose HOW you’re going to cope or deal with what now sits in your lap.

Nobody said it was easy….. I believe there is even a song that says this. I believe there is a song that says, I never promised you a rose garden. I always thought yes you most certainly did promise me that and that is exactly what you gave me a ROSE GARDEN! Roses are beautiful, they symbol so many things, love, friendship, purity, so many more to list. Here’s the scoop..Roses come with thorns, fact. Roses without thorns are not as beautiful I assure you. In life, to hold beauty in the palm of your hands you are going to prick your fingers a few times. YOU might just get hurt. You will remove the thorns that stuck you . You will wince as you remove its thorn and smell the intoxicating sweet stunning flower, and you will smile. This time holding it carefully so as not to get stuck by the thorns again. Life is beautiful though it is filled with many thorns.

Life is precious. It is much life a rose.

If it was easy nobody would ever learn I suppose, we learn most from the mistakes we’ve made or if we are really smart we would listen to the mistakes others have done. Nobody appears to be that smart! Truth is, we each must learn from our own mistakes, making our lives better by not repeating the same ones twice! That is MY LAW! It is a learning curve so to speak, try to, and you probably will make a mistake . Learn from your mistake and do better the next time. Probably making a new mistake along the way and again that too is OK just don’t keep making the same mistakes twice and expecting the outcome to be different. ( insanity as I have said before). If you do, you are NOT listening to that voice you have inside. Seriously it rarely steers you wrong. If you listen to it.

Here is what I know.

Listen more than you talk, less noise , more silence.

Sometimes silence is loud enough!

Well, that’s about all I have to say today, I was thinking about how to take better care of ones soul. I know this, I have the tools to help others listen to their inner voice, though I don’t always have the tools for myself.

It’s a journey, it’s an adventure, it is important to feed our souls. It enriches the lives we lead.

So take a little time and listen to yourself, listen to that voice that persists on speaking to you even when you try to ignore it. It’s usually pretty smart.

I think, when you find the right soul to mix with yours it is pure magic! Beauty fades with age and time, your soul, it remains forever if you take good care of it. It is our soul which is truly beautiful when you share it, and when you listen. I never wished for a perfect life, I only wished for a happy life.

I believe that is still a work in progress, though I smile more than I cry.

Thanks for coming along with me today, I am a little blue with worry but this too shall pass. I am off to tend to my soul for a while, and enjoy a little quiet.

Can you all do me a favor?

When you are done reading this, take a moment and sit quietly and listen to what your soul is saying. You do not have to share it, just listen to it and hear what it has to say.

Thank you and be kind to your soul and keep good souls in your lives and let ugly souls fly right out the window. Just open the window and watch them fly out…..

Rejoice in the outstanding souls that surround you!

Robin Joi~ a simple bird.


Time to turn back time!

Clocks turn back and for a moment is appears as if we have an extra hour, time doesn’t really turn back, it just keeps moving … unlike people it keeps moving. Time waits for no one. So keep up!

Grab a coffee and come sit with me…….wear warm slippers my floors are often mighty cold!

Let go of the Fall for Winter begins,it speaks to us telling us it is time to bundle up, batten down the hatches, bring down the storm windows, stock up on wood for the fireplace, turn on the heat for seasons have changed and time to keeps moving!

In order to carry out this you need two things. Time and Patience.

This time of the year finishes off the Fall Festivals, streaming Christmas in retail stores before anyone has considered the turkey the will need or the menu’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas just keeps moving closer and closer. This year I have decided I wont be forced into an early Christmas. This year I am going Trick or Treating with my “Steve” ( mind-craft character) and her friends and their family, I am hopeful Grandpa gets to join us this year as well as my daughter.

This year my granddaughter is all about the trick and treating. She cannot wait! She has the perfect costume and bag all ready to collect 30 pieces of candy for her Auntie. She is on a mission this year!

When my children were young trick or treating was especially fun when they were on a mission to collect extra Tootsie Rolls for my best friend. SHE LOVES HER TOOTSIE ROLLS!

We no longer Trick or Treat at night,however my children and I loved it. These days, I am not sure if it’s about safety or if it is just the times… changing always.

Either way she will have a blast and I might even dress up and pull out my Witch dress and go out it and hobble through town with a little Dorothy this year. Sort of hopeful, though I am unsure if my body will hold out. We shall see.

I was thinking last night about what I might put down on paper this morning, and a theme seemed to be racing through my brain.


Personal space is one of those uncomfortable topics people get all weird-ed out and do not want to actually speak the needed words to scream BACK AWAY! There is a place and a time for all things. Personal space is a rare thing that should always be respected, though some people do not comprehend exactly what personal space actually means. For some it is a distance between the two talking members. For others it is not hovering over them. Then those that just need no DEMANDS when they arrive at home until they have switched gears changed their clothes and feel human and settled into their homes.  Then there are people who just want the phone to stop ringing, first thing in the morning before coffee has reached the part of the brain that finally speaks and says, Hello!  Then there are the night birds that wish to be quieted by the lull of the TV, a favorite program to snuggle up with their partners, or simply the kids are finally down for the night and it is a little quiet and peaceful moment to soak in a much over due bath, or curl up with a good book in the comforts of their beds or a favorite chair, my favorite place to read when I was young was a windowsill best light, just my size, and occasionally a furry friend might join me.

Sometimes personal space is best when shared with someone you just cannot let go of, for their personal space is mixed up best with your own.

Today my middle one popped over to have a cup of coffee and brought me a biscuit and we chatted and tried to fix my stupid phone. That is personal space-time spent exactly how I want to spend my time.

She is all grown now but this is the way I will always see her.

When the world is so busy and you spend your days giving to others all day long, a little needed time to fill up yourself so you have even more to give of yourself is terribly needed. Phone calls after a certain hour is just rude, it lacks the respect of someone else s personal time. No rules on how much or how often people are allowed to have such.We must own two things, patience and the ability to understand time. Each of us needs something different and often at different times.

Do you Remember when? Make memories that will last for eternity!

My personal time, is something I steal from my life, rarely is there a time when I am not doing something for someone else. Even though I am at home most of the time, it is alone time but not personal space-time. That is a huge difference. Laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, helping at school, doing homework with a small child, caring for my animals, their needs cannot be met without me.making dinners,( that I wont even eat). Listening to someone else s world fall apart, listening to a friend who is in need, trying to help comfort a soul that is aching and more often than not I really cannot help them, but I listen anyhow. By the end of my day I am empty, I have depleted the tank, much like a car, it runs out of gas, and until you refill it… it is just a fact, it wont budge!  Much like an automobile I too have nothing left to give anyone, becoming useless and frustrated because I am too stubborn to realize I have tanked out!  That usually means I have little or nothing left for me either.

Creating my own boundaries.

Be careful of other people’s personal space, as well as your own. It is needed by everyone, sometimes we intrude and do not mean to.

Boundaries are important, not always easy to define, and again it is a balance in life, you just need to find your footing and find what works for you.

Sometimes you may have to explain so that others can understand. Exercise your best patience, and be kind, some days it is harder than others to remember that most of the time people don’t bombard you because they mean to infringe, they just want to be with you. They think you have the answers they are searching for when the answers usually lie within themselves.  Maybe they are lonely or maybe they just miss you. Sometimes we do not mean to over stay our welcome, but often we do.

Creating my own boundaries and not feeling guilty about it.

Get ready, the fun is just beginning all the holidays come tumbling into the now!  Ready or not it’s coming!


Family and friends at Thanksgiving in my home!

This is my personal space, my happy place, the most wonderful time of the year! I do not have any plans of giving up this special, spectacular terrific, tantalizing, tasty, room full of laughter old stories and new ones and the people I love most in this world-wide universe. There are a few who are not able to join us, they are with us in spirit. Messy kitchen,  too many dishes,lots of pots and pans, we get to bring out the GOLD silverware! Don’t even ask it’s so silly, but yes we actually have gold-ware and we eat with it! A little snug at our table but we manage year after year making room for one or two more. I LOVE IT!

I am going to end today with this little tale.

No time like the present, spend it with those you love, allow yourself for a little personal space, making boundaries clear so you don’t feel mashed and smothered. Time is precious, spend it making memory making moments. One day when I am gone, those I have left will carry the memories we’ve made along the way. I want those memories to last through the next and the next generations. Give some to others who otherwise wont have, share a little of yourself and those memories will last a lifetime, long after we’re gone. The people do not always stay, the faces sometimes change,making new paths for themselves and allowing someone new to sit in a chair so many other have before them. New people to join and share the experience, but the memories we will make today, just as the ones we made a long time ago will last forever, so use the time wisely making sure to meet each moment with fresh eyes, and pull another chair over there is always room for one more.Make each space, each moment count!

Personal space for me is best when shared over a cup of coffee or snuggled up in bed with someone I love.

Thanks for coming with me today, and for entering my personal space.

Make a little time for yourself, and keep open arms for those you care about.

It’s a balance!

Use your time carefully, giving to others and to yourselves, be strong and steady, and choose wisely whose hand you want to hold.

Robin~ a smile bird……. finding my balance in life.



Life is actually one long mission !

First question one needs to ask themselves is what is their goal? Once you set a goal why let others get in your way? Why do people allow others to deter them of such goodness? Why do women in particular settle for second best when they can surely go for gold!

I wonder about this sort of stuff all the time. I raised many kids and I have always told them set your sights HIGH! let others tell you NO don’t say I can’t or they wont go after what you want , you will have plenty of no’s along the way, but eventually a door will open and the right door at that!

Hows that for an awesome door?

I have traveled around and gone through many doors, not always the right door but at least I walked through the door to see what might lay on the other side! You just never know.

I listen to my children and the trials of their lives and the choices that lay ahead of them. When they ask me, what do I think , I tend to speak my mind, never sugar-coating anything. I always tell them GO FOR IT! what do you have to lose? A No? Lots of no’s in life one after the next. That is part of life, If you stick it out however you can make your dreams come true, it takes hard work and a mind-set of never giving up. I know it , people too often cry out NOT SO SIMPLE AS THAT! Most of the time it’s just called putting in the time, but its a TRUTH!

SO my mission is to remind people they have choices, they can do many things, some people are not blessed with money, or a family, or all they limbs, some people have to work extra hard not to let go of the rope and just hang on. Being happy however is a state of mind. It is a choice. You can be rich and miserable, you can be poor and happy. You can be in so such pain, you think just shoot me like a horse, or you suck it up and hold a baby,

new phone pics 2013 (300)

kiss your kids, hug your boyfriend, or girlfriend. Call a friend, buy a plant. Listen to music till your home shakes. Feed a person, climb a rope and don’t let go!

Look, you just have to hang on and not let go!

Many days I feel like that I am barely hanging on, life can be brutal, it throws curve balls all the time. I say in my home, it’ OK to be a little crazy just so you can roll with the bunches when they come your way, you go to be-able to laugh through the tears and shake it off . Some days I do this better than others but I keep saying only 24 hours for a self-pity party then you have to  get up and move on!

Second thing I want to discuss, Why do women spend so much time trying to be the best gal for a guy? Why not reverse it the other way around? Is HE good enough for me? Do I like the way he looks, the manners he has, the way HE makes me feel? I think even after all these years women still struggle with self-esteem in ways most men do not. I think women still dream of the being a mom, having the wonderful rock-star husband who goes to work while they stay at home and raise kids. Raising kids , being a stay at home mother is both wonderful and can be extremely difficult on one’s brain cells. All day long cleaning up dirty diapers, snacks that end up on the floor, changing clothes from being snotted on and so much more. Screaming babies, toddlers that missed the pity and another time mopping the floors and another load of laundry while trying to keep up their home so if someone comes by you are not totally embarrassed. Sorry, that’s called being a stay at home mother. Runny noses, crying and teething babies, and oh if your lucky the nap for a few moments so you can do all the things that need to be done. OR…. you lie down with then and shut your eyes for a few moments as well. Naps are good for new mommy’s. People need to enjoy their babies when they are small, they really grow up so quickly.

I love this photo because it is reality!

I spent my day yesterday with a lovely young gal I used to babysit for, she is all grown up now and has a baby of her own. She is mighty cute, I was able to hold her and rock her to sleep even after all these years I have not appeared to have lost my touch. Thank you G-d for that. My granddaughter even held the baby, and she was wonderful with her, and the baby really liked her. It was a surreal moment for me.I listened to her dreams and what I hear most is the same desire most if not all want, someone to love, someone to belong to, someone to come home to at night and someone to make you a family. It is harder these days I am afraid to meet the right one, we live in a day and age where people are always on the computers or cell phones and people forget to put their damn phones away ! BE WITH the company they have, or maybe look up and see someone who is eying you!

I wish it was easier but truth is dating is tough!

I know I would not want to go back into the dating world again. It was hard the last time and that was moons ago!

My husband, I met almost 14 years ago I think?

It was on a dare, he was my 32nd first date that has lasted all these years later. I believe in part, the reason it worked was because I had made up my mind I was not dating any man who thought he wanted someone to SAVE them! Instead I looked for a man who wanted to laugh WITH ME spend time WITH ME and when sex was not on the table( surgeries and such) It did not matter because WE LIKED EACH other. WE  spend a lot of time just chatting pretending to watch some movie or junk TV we’ve waited all week to watch and before we know, it is way too late to watch it we have talked the night away! THAT is how it is supposed to be!

I married this guy!

I married this guy!

We built a life together, we worked hard and still fight checking each other to make clear we are in this together. Trust me on this, It is not ever like you see it in the movies, it is one day , then the next, it is doing laundry learning to iron with one hand, it is having leftovers it is searching in the frig for what to eat, it is giving up lots of things to make room for what counts. It is work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or wont belly laugh along the way. Please do it makes life so much better!



It is not always perfect, but practically perfect in every way. No one I’d rather spend my time with even on the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, though we wont be going to Australia because we’ve heard they have those days too!

I did not settle, I am extraordinarily happy with the man who choose me, but I choose him as well. we keep choosing each other every day, and I believe that is the key. Cannot take things for granted you have to keep feeding the souls, and don’t get lazy, with anything you have, you have to out in a little effort if you want the rewards! I mean seriously!

Make time for what matters, build it together! Make your dreams come true! We did make this home ours and it took all of us to do it! Splinters, bandages, some tears and lots of horrible words as one hammered their fingers instead of a nail! We did it though, we were on a MISSION to make out home better, to fix what we could , it was so much work but we did it together! No excuses, and little complaining, a lot of Sweet Tea, water and lying on the floor laughing and exhausted. we hung in there though and look what happened!

new phone pics 2013 (7462)

Anything worth having is worth working hard for!

Anything worth having is worth working hard for!

So laugh a little, laugh more than you cry people! Who care what anyone else thinks? If you make yourself happy it becomes infectious!

new phone pics 2013 (3289)

So giggle away, wear silly hats, remind each other how special you are, we never get tired of hearing that!

Together we do it!

Together we do it!

Live a little, even on the gloomy days!



When all else fails, eat a cookie baked with love that a friend far away has sent you. Maybe you put on a T-Shirt that some gave you,when you are missing them.

For me the cookies are always a win, even when they come broken or in crumbles in the mail! I cannot help but smile.

Share it with someone!

new phone pics 2013 (3866)

It’s a good life!

Our house is a very, very,very fine house with three dogs in our yard, it is a little leaky these days,( well actually it rains buckets from time to time) but we made it ours! It is my home, this is my life and I love it! Broken down body, a gaggle of children , grown that they are, too much fur, and a man who works long hours, leaky roof and all I love it!

appreciate what YOU do have and NOT what you don’t have! Go after your dreams and let no one stand in your way! If you have something to say STAND UP!

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”~ Dirty Dancing

Our Home!

Our Home!

  Robin~ a simple bird.