Wicked Wednesday’s wonderful words!!

Learning not to allow your past to define who you are. Learning what to let go of….

Beauty surrounds us!

Beauty surrounds us!

I tell her every day, look up, look around ,it is everywhere. Beauty is seen in a Weeping willow tree, you just have to touch it , see it, admire it, The small one tells me each time we pass by one, how beautiful the sad tree looks. I tell her its not sad, it just bends to take a drink of water. (But indeed it is beautiful even if is sad.)

You can find beauty in sometimes the most unlikely of places. Quite often it is not the clothes ones wears, or their car, or even their house. Beauty is something that comes from within. Someone once said to me many moons ago that , New and beautiful things can grow in your life…. but …  only when you can let go of the past and make room for it to grow. Farmers do this every year, whatever crops they had last year are raked over and new seedlings get planted.

Out of the dust, out of the rubble, something wicked this way comes.

I have spent the past few days cleaning up cobwebs, dusting my home, putting stuff away. I find sometimes that when my world seems to be turned upside down if I just “clean house” I actually am cleaning up my life. So one room at a time, one item at a time purging what doesn’t need to be here out the door it goes! I have a very difficult time throwing things away, I always fear I might want it some day. I have to remind myself it is just stuff, stuff can be replaced, I have lost a lot of “stuff” along my travels.

Beauty can be found, if you look closely.

Beauty can be found, if you look closely.

“Beauty is seen in the eye of the beholder” so the saying goes. I think that is probably very true. Today I sit and write about this because I struggled so hard with having my heart hurt last week. It made me want to grab my running shoes and run for the Hills! Alas I did not run anywhere but into the arms of my husband. His patience is beautiful. I realized that people I don’t even know all that well have taken an interest in this journey of mine and I see beauty in the words they write, I see beauty in the sound of their voice as their words flow over my paper or the words come through into my ears and are passed into my heart. Its a stunning thing when someone stops by and allows you to just hug them not a word was needed. That is exquisite! Yesterday!

Yesterday, I hugged my son. It warms my heart. He is big and strong and he is radiant, as he proudly stands beside his splendid wife.

My son and his wife.

My son and his wife.

Beautiful, and stunning not just in their smiles but the hearts they carry inside them. That is the stuff happiness is made of. It is what love feels like, it is what one should water ever day and allow it to grow to become a strong Oak tree!

A  particularly dazzling, classy and gorgeous friend of mine , a most excellent woman indeed, she happens to have  a heart larger than life, (I am so in love with her) she often tells me these days, she finally has found her Oak tree! I am willing to share, for she is most deserving of all that is good in this world, and someone to keep filling her heart .( I am in love with him too) for he has restored my faith in humanity for all of mankind, but mostly because he makes my friend smile. I will be forever grateful for that. He may never know how happy it makes me. Ecstatic !

I have often been accused of collecting people, I suppose I do. I find the good ones and take them along with me. Keeping them inside my pocket so I never walk alone. On the days I am feeling a bit blue I can always take them out of my pocket and remind myself I am not really alone at all.

It is my battle every day but it is a war I am prepared to win. I don’t bother fighting anything I know I cannot win. my life? It is worth fighting for and so another day is coming around I am still standing tall! Despite those that try to knock me on my ass!

They can keep their STUFF I don’t want it anyways, I thought I did but actually I do not need anything to validate who I am where I came from.

STUFF is just STUFF you can always replace STUFF!

This is what stays with you forever, it is what true  beauty is made of, Those that remain in my life today are souls that are the true meaning of sublime, fascinating, classy, bewitching, DIVINE!

With that I shall say tomorrows another day, I’m happy I woke up today, and may tomorrow put my world be right side up and not upside down.

I do better when I’m not having to look at the world from upside down.

Thank you for coming along with me today, I hope this allows you a little insight to how and what I see is beautiful.

Hang on tight to those who care, and the make sure to see what is on the inside and not judge one by the clothes they wear. sometimes the most beautiful things in life are not things you can see or smell, it is what you can feel when you are near or far. It comes from looking from within.

Happy trails to those who dare to keep following me. I am grateful you find me interesting enough to read.

May your adventures in life be shared with someone.

Robin ~ a simple bird.



5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s wonderful words!!

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  2. You make me see how beautiful the world is out there, how lovely you are inside, despite many personal hardships- Thank-You for the special gifts I am learning. Love You Robin more than you know.

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