It occurred to me this weekend that so often we worry about things we cannot change or even choose the outcome . So why worry at all?

I think it is our nature, we worry till we can barely function. That is just not a great way to live. worry about the bills, we worry about the children we worry about our health, we worry about time!

Time is always my issue. I always feel like at any moment time has run out.

This is the way I viewed time as a child, and it still gives me the willies!

Somethings never change, even with time.

I know I cannot turn the clock back, I cannot stop time, and I cannot fast forward it try as I might . Time has its own clock and it runs wherever you stop moving or not.

So keep moving!

It doesn’t matter how quickly you move, just as long as you move, shake it dance it, work it with whatever you have just keep moving. Some days it is harder than others to get yourself moving, finding motivation is often a challenge, especially when you are in pain most of the time, or all of the time, pain comes in many forms sometimes it is pain of ones emotions. You just have to keep moving. Once you stop moving, it’s over. I am not ready for that. So I move each day regardless of how I feel, some days I don’t move as much as I wish I could, but at-least I am up and I am moving.This weekend, we put our Halloween up in the yard, It wore me out, but it makes me smile. So what can be bad about that? 

Peaceful movements.

You just have to keep moving!

Have you ever wished you could stop time? Just for a minute  to make sure you captured the moment and wont forget it?

I have, I have wished I could just hang on to the hands of a clock and make it stop, making time stand still , just be there in the moments not worrying about when it shall end.

This works both ways, sometimes you wish you could go back to bed and the day just pass you by, I have stopped thinking like that a long time ago.

Time is precious. It can be gone in a blink of an eye. You do not get that back. It is gone and gone forever.

SO enjoy the moments, live in it, and keep moving with it because the world doesn’t stop moving .

I am proud of my oldest one, she has chosen to not sit still any longer, she moves now and I think she feels better for it and I see her smile when small goals get set into motion. I admire her courage to not give up even when things don’t move as quickly as she may have wished. Patience and perseverance is the key .Then the goals become reality. She seems pleased. She has a gentleman at her side, he moves along with her, they keep each other moving. I admire their commitment to keep moving, even if that means its 5 AM!

Keep moving!

I admire my middle one along with her most beautiful man at her side. They take the world by storm jumping off the edge and flying, they move together almost as a unit of one.  Takings on new movements all the time, Making memories in their wake. This summer they went knee boarding I am in awe!

I admire my youngest, who despite the challenges that face him day-to-day, he keeps on keeping on! He is fearless, he puts out fires, and one day might save someones life. I admire that tremendously. He has courage, he doesn’t give up he keeps moving.

His beautiful wife, she started her own business, scary undertaking! She plugged ahead and doesn’t stop, it’s what the great stuff is made of. She captured TIME in a photograph to preserve for all time. I admire her gift, and the beauty in which she moves.

Such grace, and beauty along with persistence, she is moving places, time only stands still when the camera goes SNAP! She captures TIME ! I admire the beauty in which she works. Stunning!

My “extra” daughter, makes beautiful jewelry, she keeps going to shows and still makes time for friends, oh how she loves to dance!  Dancing is certainly moving!. She moves with such grace. She too is moving on … I have such great respect for her as well.

Silver-Tone Button Bracelet

I wear a piece of her round my wrist. Talented she is! Beautifully mine forever! It reminds me that no matter where she is apart of her remains with me. Time can never erase that.

How you spend your time is what counts. If it means you only have a few minutes in the morning or in the evening, to kiss the head of your kids on the head or your spouse before leaving for work, or maybe it is a loved one, or one,  who is ill and doesn’t have much time left.

Make it count.

Life is not forever!

Death is the only thing that really stops time, but it only stops time for the one. The world keeps moving ” life happens even when your busy making other plans.” ( I believe John Lennon said that)



Memories are what make up the time we have already spent. I say let’s make more memories that stand the test of time. Those are the ones that remain long after were gone.

Make a memory today that makes you feel as if for one second TIME stood still.

Capture it within your heart. and never ever let it go.

I am off to do the same, I have company coming ,memories are flooding open, both good and bad. I choose to hang on to those that are what make up my fabric both bold and colorful, gray shades begin to shine through, it is a testament of MY TIME.

I proudly wear my gray, though many shades of gray that I own, the best shades are the ones earned along the way. Making sure to take MY TIME to share it with those I love!

I sign off today with this tiny thought.

How do you spend your time? Do you make time for what matters?  Do you make sure your time is not wasted?

Call your kids, hug your dog, send an email to someone your thinking of……

Kiss those you love as often as you can . Never waste a single second being angry with what you cannot change. Instead call a friend, bake some cookies.Feed the birds.


Thank you for spending your TIME with me. I appreciate you taking time out of your life to share this journey I am on. It is both an adventure back in TIME, and more importantly my adventures in my life as TIME moves me ahead, and so must I.

My children keep me on my toes, that includes the grandchildren as well, those that are mine and those I borrow from time to time.Time well spent I would like to add.

These days, my kids are grown and so…. ever-moving never stopping.


I choose to spend my nights with my husband, who is my  force to of nature!

He makes time stand still!

He inspires me each day.

(I choose you. I choose my time to be spent with you!)

Robin ~ a simple bird

A life full of memories .



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