Life is actually one long mission !

First question one needs to ask themselves is what is their goal? Once you set a goal why let others get in your way? Why do people allow others to deter them of such goodness? Why do women in particular settle for second best when they can surely go for gold!

I wonder about this sort of stuff all the time. I raised many kids and I have always told them set your sights HIGH! let others tell you NO don’t say I can’t or they wont go after what you want , you will have plenty of no’s along the way, but eventually a door will open and the right door at that!

Hows that for an awesome door?

I have traveled around and gone through many doors, not always the right door but at least I walked through the door to see what might lay on the other side! You just never know.

I listen to my children and the trials of their lives and the choices that lay ahead of them. When they ask me, what do I think , I tend to speak my mind, never sugar-coating anything. I always tell them GO FOR IT! what do you have to lose? A No? Lots of no’s in life one after the next. That is part of life, If you stick it out however you can make your dreams come true, it takes hard work and a mind-set of never giving up. I know it , people too often cry out NOT SO SIMPLE AS THAT! Most of the time it’s just called putting in the time, but its a TRUTH!

SO my mission is to remind people they have choices, they can do many things, some people are not blessed with money, or a family, or all they limbs, some people have to work extra hard not to let go of the rope and just hang on. Being happy however is a state of mind. It is a choice. You can be rich and miserable, you can be poor and happy. You can be in so such pain, you think just shoot me like a horse, or you suck it up and hold a baby,

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kiss your kids, hug your boyfriend, or girlfriend. Call a friend, buy a plant. Listen to music till your home shakes. Feed a person, climb a rope and don’t let go!

Look, you just have to hang on and not let go!

Many days I feel like that I am barely hanging on, life can be brutal, it throws curve balls all the time. I say in my home, it’ OK to be a little crazy just so you can roll with the bunches when they come your way, you go to be-able to laugh through the tears and shake it off . Some days I do this better than others but I keep saying only 24 hours for a self-pity party then you have to  get up and move on!

Second thing I want to discuss, Why do women spend so much time trying to be the best gal for a guy? Why not reverse it the other way around? Is HE good enough for me? Do I like the way he looks, the manners he has, the way HE makes me feel? I think even after all these years women still struggle with self-esteem in ways most men do not. I think women still dream of the being a mom, having the wonderful rock-star husband who goes to work while they stay at home and raise kids. Raising kids , being a stay at home mother is both wonderful and can be extremely difficult on one’s brain cells. All day long cleaning up dirty diapers, snacks that end up on the floor, changing clothes from being snotted on and so much more. Screaming babies, toddlers that missed the pity and another time mopping the floors and another load of laundry while trying to keep up their home so if someone comes by you are not totally embarrassed. Sorry, that’s called being a stay at home mother. Runny noses, crying and teething babies, and oh if your lucky the nap for a few moments so you can do all the things that need to be done. OR…. you lie down with then and shut your eyes for a few moments as well. Naps are good for new mommy’s. People need to enjoy their babies when they are small, they really grow up so quickly.

I love this photo because it is reality!

I spent my day yesterday with a lovely young gal I used to babysit for, she is all grown up now and has a baby of her own. She is mighty cute, I was able to hold her and rock her to sleep even after all these years I have not appeared to have lost my touch. Thank you G-d for that. My granddaughter even held the baby, and she was wonderful with her, and the baby really liked her. It was a surreal moment for me.I listened to her dreams and what I hear most is the same desire most if not all want, someone to love, someone to belong to, someone to come home to at night and someone to make you a family. It is harder these days I am afraid to meet the right one, we live in a day and age where people are always on the computers or cell phones and people forget to put their damn phones away ! BE WITH the company they have, or maybe look up and see someone who is eying you!

I wish it was easier but truth is dating is tough!

I know I would not want to go back into the dating world again. It was hard the last time and that was moons ago!

My husband, I met almost 14 years ago I think?

It was on a dare, he was my 32nd first date that has lasted all these years later. I believe in part, the reason it worked was because I had made up my mind I was not dating any man who thought he wanted someone to SAVE them! Instead I looked for a man who wanted to laugh WITH ME spend time WITH ME and when sex was not on the table( surgeries and such) It did not matter because WE LIKED EACH other. WE  spend a lot of time just chatting pretending to watch some movie or junk TV we’ve waited all week to watch and before we know, it is way too late to watch it we have talked the night away! THAT is how it is supposed to be!

I married this guy!

I married this guy!

We built a life together, we worked hard and still fight checking each other to make clear we are in this together. Trust me on this, It is not ever like you see it in the movies, it is one day , then the next, it is doing laundry learning to iron with one hand, it is having leftovers it is searching in the frig for what to eat, it is giving up lots of things to make room for what counts. It is work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or wont belly laugh along the way. Please do it makes life so much better!



It is not always perfect, but practically perfect in every way. No one I’d rather spend my time with even on the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, though we wont be going to Australia because we’ve heard they have those days too!

I did not settle, I am extraordinarily happy with the man who choose me, but I choose him as well. we keep choosing each other every day, and I believe that is the key. Cannot take things for granted you have to keep feeding the souls, and don’t get lazy, with anything you have, you have to out in a little effort if you want the rewards! I mean seriously!

Make time for what matters, build it together! Make your dreams come true! We did make this home ours and it took all of us to do it! Splinters, bandages, some tears and lots of horrible words as one hammered their fingers instead of a nail! We did it though, we were on a MISSION to make out home better, to fix what we could , it was so much work but we did it together! No excuses, and little complaining, a lot of Sweet Tea, water and lying on the floor laughing and exhausted. we hung in there though and look what happened!

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Anything worth having is worth working hard for!

Anything worth having is worth working hard for!

So laugh a little, laugh more than you cry people! Who care what anyone else thinks? If you make yourself happy it becomes infectious!

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So giggle away, wear silly hats, remind each other how special you are, we never get tired of hearing that!

Together we do it!

Together we do it!

Live a little, even on the gloomy days!



When all else fails, eat a cookie baked with love that a friend far away has sent you. Maybe you put on a T-Shirt that some gave you,when you are missing them.

For me the cookies are always a win, even when they come broken or in crumbles in the mail! I cannot help but smile.

Share it with someone!

new phone pics 2013 (3866)

It’s a good life!

Our house is a very, very,very fine house with three dogs in our yard, it is a little leaky these days,( well actually it rains buckets from time to time) but we made it ours! It is my home, this is my life and I love it! Broken down body, a gaggle of children , grown that they are, too much fur, and a man who works long hours, leaky roof and all I love it!

appreciate what YOU do have and NOT what you don’t have! Go after your dreams and let no one stand in your way! If you have something to say STAND UP!

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”~ Dirty Dancing

Our Home!

Our Home!

  Robin~ a simple bird.


One thought on “A WOMAN ON A MISSION!

  1. Said with so much raw energy, I loved it. And you are so right it doesn’t matter what possessions one has, it’s what’s inside that matters. A person with nothing can be the richest person in the world. No truer words said!!! I Love You Robin Xoxoxo Huggsssss!!!!!!!

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