It is not a perfect life no matter how you slice it.

It is not about regrets ,it is about the choices we make.

We can choose to regret or choose to embrace.

We learn from mistakes or we repeat them.

It is the outlook that will matter in the end.

Live with regrets, or live and rejoice!

I often talk about one’s soul. We do not have a soul someone once told me, you ARE a soul we have a body which carries our soul.

Food for thought, I think.

They say that the eyes are the window to ones soul, I think if anyone stopped to actually look we might find they were one smart cookie whoever said that. Ones eyes cannot lie, try as you might your eyes will give you a way every time!

I find the topic of souls interesting because a soul is not something one can hold in their hand it is an abstract item. It is the very essence of our being, again it is what I think. Some people are born with young souls and some with old souls. I think there are even some who are born with no soul at all. Sad but true I believe. For if one has a soul they could not ever harm another being in the ways I read about every day or as was done to me as a child. How can you rape someone and still have a soul? Or maybe it is not that they do not have a soul perhaps it is that they were born with an ugly soul..

Food for though?

They say, one should always follow their hearts. What is your heart is broken, or at least feels that way. Which part should you follow of the broken pieces you have yet to pick up and put back together?

Know when to walk away, and don’t look back.

I say something a little different to both my friends as well as the children I have raised. Listen to your GUT it rarely steers you wrong. when led by ones heart more likely than not you will end up with a broken heart. Funny how our minds play tricks on us all the time. You brain says walk away. Your heart says stay… what does the little voice you’re trying to hush say? That is the voice one needs to hear, that is your inner soul trying to help you out.

That means sitting quietly so you can listen to your soul speak.

Too often we ignore that voice, we don’t always like what it speaks. Though I tend to think it speaks truths we need to hear. We might find out we are happier people if we listen to that voice inside.

I find that hard to do more often than not. I am constantly thinking and racing thoughts of what to do, how to do it, when to do it.

Nonstop all day long, all night. Finding quiet inside my mind is so difficult for me. I listen to my soul when I can hear it. Often the noises of our lives just get in the way, don’t let them. Whatever it is that allows you to listen to your soul DO IT! I don’t know I surely do not hold all the answers, I am still learning how to listen to the little voice inside that yells at me all the time. Sometimes you may find you have spread yourself way to thin leaving nothing left for yourself. I suffer from that .

I have gone through a lot of testing recently, due to my health and trying to keep a positive outlook so whatever news comes my way I will be able to cope, to file and make the best of whatever next comes my way. It is scary and worrisome. Control what you can and leave the rest to just be? Oh giving up control, such a hard thing to do! Leave nothing to fate control everything. Truth is try as one might that is not the way it really works. The way it really works is this…

Change what you can ,do what you know, and accept the things the way they are?

I don’t know about that either I think there are things way beyond our control and you do just have to make the best of what is an ugly situation that you cannot control or change. YOU CAN change your attitude, you can choose HOW you’re going to cope or deal with what now sits in your lap.

Nobody said it was easy….. I believe there is even a song that says this. I believe there is a song that says, I never promised you a rose garden. I always thought yes you most certainly did promise me that and that is exactly what you gave me a ROSE GARDEN! Roses are beautiful, they symbol so many things, love, friendship, purity, so many more to list. Here’s the scoop..Roses come with thorns, fact. Roses without thorns are not as beautiful I assure you. In life, to hold beauty in the palm of your hands you are going to prick your fingers a few times. YOU might just get hurt. You will remove the thorns that stuck you . You will wince as you remove its thorn and smell the intoxicating sweet stunning flower, and you will smile. This time holding it carefully so as not to get stuck by the thorns again. Life is beautiful though it is filled with many thorns.

Life is precious. It is much life a rose.

If it was easy nobody would ever learn I suppose, we learn most from the mistakes we’ve made or if we are really smart we would listen to the mistakes others have done. Nobody appears to be that smart! Truth is, we each must learn from our own mistakes, making our lives better by not repeating the same ones twice! That is MY LAW! It is a learning curve so to speak, try to, and you probably will make a mistake . Learn from your mistake and do better the next time. Probably making a new mistake along the way and again that too is OK just don’t keep making the same mistakes twice and expecting the outcome to be different. ( insanity as I have said before). If you do, you are NOT listening to that voice you have inside. Seriously it rarely steers you wrong. If you listen to it.

Here is what I know.

Listen more than you talk, less noise , more silence.

Sometimes silence is loud enough!

Well, that’s about all I have to say today, I was thinking about how to take better care of ones soul. I know this, I have the tools to help others listen to their inner voice, though I don’t always have the tools for myself.

It’s a journey, it’s an adventure, it is important to feed our souls. It enriches the lives we lead.

So take a little time and listen to yourself, listen to that voice that persists on speaking to you even when you try to ignore it. It’s usually pretty smart.

I think, when you find the right soul to mix with yours it is pure magic! Beauty fades with age and time, your soul, it remains forever if you take good care of it. It is our soul which is truly beautiful when you share it, and when you listen. I never wished for a perfect life, I only wished for a happy life.

I believe that is still a work in progress, though I smile more than I cry.

Thanks for coming along with me today, I am a little blue with worry but this too shall pass. I am off to tend to my soul for a while, and enjoy a little quiet.

Can you all do me a favor?

When you are done reading this, take a moment and sit quietly and listen to what your soul is saying. You do not have to share it, just listen to it and hear what it has to say.

Thank you and be kind to your soul and keep good souls in your lives and let ugly souls fly right out the window. Just open the window and watch them fly out…..

Rejoice in the outstanding souls that surround you!

Robin Joi~ a simple bird.


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