I love Halloween, it is the one day of the year you really can be anyone. This year my granddaughter choose to be Steve a character from Mindcraft! She is quite the fan at 8 years of age. I was at her school today and I saw many different characters parading about. Led by the Cat in The hat!

The Principle is always the Cat in the Hat! I just love it!

If I can ever figure out what is wrong with my phone I will add the photos of today! I am a witch of course, any doubt in your mind? I am a wicked witch not a bad witch!

That is the dress I wear, though this year I did not paint my face!

Today I will keep this short as much to do with Trick or treating will begin shortly. I still remember my kids making a second turn for more treats once i got dark outside. Those days are long gone but the memories will remain forever. I will see how far I am able to walk but today I’m going with Miss Flo, also my friend and her crowd! I will wear my dress and my hat to keep my keppy dry, and here’s is hoping I make it till the finish line.

Its a wonderful day to be young, it is a wonderful day to reflect, its a wonderful day to daydream of all you want to be! Its a wonderful day to give a little something sweet as the little ones pass your home today. Please don’t be the mean old woman that I read about last night who gave out FAT LETTERS to those she deemed as carrying a little extra weight! What a crazy thing to do! Who does that? It is not as though these children who may be a little larger than others aren’t already worried how they look or that they aren’t already a little self-conscience. I think it is a terrible thing this woman did!

…at any rate go go enjoy your time giving out candy or whatever it is you are passing out, one of my neighbors passes out beer for the parents!

Enjoy yourselves whatever you choose to do this is the one day of the year where even grown ups get to have a really wicked time!


Have a safe and Wicked Halloween!

Robin~ a simple bird,

Today I am a Wicked Witch!


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