“OH what a tangled web we weave when first we try to deceive!” Scott.

I will keep this short as today I am frustrated and angry with the body I will refer to as a shell.

I went to my doctor today and will need more tests but mainly I will need surgery for a third time on my hip.

I have a form of ALS and MS it is neither, it is an autoimmune disease, the end results are the same.


It really is not. It just is what it is.

I try very hard to think positive and be all that everyone needs me to be. I have just about run dry. When you have a well and it runs dry…. Its gone empty nothing left to drink!

SO, I am sorry that today I have no great words of wisdom other than to say, It is what it is. Tomorrow Ill figure out what to do next. Today I plan to watch TV and find my center before I cant find it at all. Coffee and a decent head on my shoulders still I will find a way to make sense of this I pray!

To the rest of the world, please understand be grateful for the time you have and spend it wisely. Do not waste a single moment .

I live for my children, I live for my granddaughter, and I am so sorry to my husband, my best friend, he deserves so much better. I thank him every day and wish I could do more be better.

That’s all for today I hope that tomorrow will bring better clarity.

Appreciate the gifts you have and hug those you love a lot.

Thanks for coming along again today though I am sorry this is not an uplifting visit.

Some days are like that even in Australia!

I don’t think Austrailia is any better, it is my body that is terrible.

Robin ~ a simple bird with a broken wing.



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