Words wonder over blank pages…..

Sometims there are no cute sayings or a clever quote to explain the day.

Try as hard as you might to do what’s right and somehow even out the world.  Trying hard ti get it right,  and still you fail.

They say monsters do not really exsist except in nightmares and fairytales.  They are wrong just look around monsters are everywhere.

Blank pages are an unwritten tale. Some words are better than none. That too is not always true either. Sometimes words are best unspoken.
Silence says plenty.

Life has a way of taking a toll on even the best of us.
Sometimes there simply are no words, no clever quotes, or even a simple picture to sum up the day.

Sometimes the day just ends.
Sorry its been awhile my comp has been broken.
Wishing all a happy holiday. Choose your words carefully.
You can hurt others even when it wasn’t your intention.
Goodbye for now.
As always ..
Robin~ a simple bird.