Wintertime seems to be extra long this year, maybe in part it is because I have been so housebound and unable to get out. It surely feels like hot soup and hot cocoa, chicken and dumplings and stews tis the weather to make food that sticks to the ribs as my grandfather would have said.

Looks almost as good as it actually tastes. It is on the menu this week.

Grandpa has taken his princess out on an afternoon date to go see this silly movie. I could not go as I cannot sit in the theaters just yet I still have some healing left to go. I am however really happy they went. She adores this man more than words can describe. He is the man of her life and no one can ever take that place. He still has the perfect spot under his arm where she fits perfectly “snug as a bug” ( as she would say)

new phone pics 2013 (4845)

Grandfathers are an amazing human beings!

He took his princess pink eggplant hat pink sequins boots and a happy smile off to the movies. I think its awesome! A memory making moment.

Winter Blues set in and it takes a larger effort to get much of anything done. I don’t know many in part it has to do with getting a new hip this year and trying to figure out how to walk like a reasonable human being. I don’t I hobble badly and I lip terribly and I use a cane which doesn’t help it causes new issues.

Winter motivation | Zumba with Yas

I say many times, do it while you can, it gets so much harder by the time you reach my age!


Luke is getting to be an old man, just like me only I am an old woman!

Growing older has so many challenges, some you might not ever occur to you when your still young and the world is yours to own! I have many issues which complicate the easiest of tasks, laundry , stairs, walking bending to pick things off the ground. Life is just more of a challenge then it used to be. I am so reminded of my age while I watch the Olympics and these skaters… oh I once upon skated! I loved it ! I planned of being the next Dorothy Hamel!  ( ok well that dreamed died a very long time ago, and reality struck hard! ) But a girl can dream!

( Yes, I am skating on the Midway!)

My kids did too!

This was what I dreamed about as a child, it was all I ever really wanted to do… I met her once, she gave me a hug I went to a show and was invited to go back stage and she was as ice as I had ever imagined . When she skated nothing else in my life seemed to matter . I was transported to a place that was far above any rainbow.

SO, I watch The Olympics and re-live old dreams. I still remember my first pair of ice skate they had pom-poms on them I was a proud little girl! The pain in my ankles I thought meant I was big stuff I could endure any pain!. and maybe just maybe make a few new ones for myself along the way. Just because one dream dies does not mean you cannot make new ones.

I hung up my skate many years ago, but my memory is alive and still makes me smile!

Lets face it pom-poms are awesome!

New dreams are the place in my life now, I am busy living the new dreams and aspirations I have for 2014!

Every day and even into the late nights when sleep refuses to cooperate!

Getting old sucks, but I think it is true when they sat we get wiser as we age, I must be filled with great wisdom at this stage of the game!

getting older becoming wiser

I suppose the wisdom for the day is this….

Live the life your proud of, don’t allow the small petty stuff to get in your way. Live and be happy, don’t let others take that away.

Take silly pictures and capture moments that one day you will love to look back at. Don’t be so worried whatever think . Trust me they are not thinking one bit about you!

If a genus can make fun of himself so you!

Thank you for coming along for another day in my life, and I appreciate all the people who follow me.

Well that’s all for today folks!

Stay warm and be safe!

Robin~ a simple bird.



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