Frustration is, in part finding your limits and learning to let go and fly anyways.

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I was thinking the past few days about frustrations and what it means to different people. Some people when frustrated it slows down their lives to a screeching halt and for others it fuels them into being so motivated nothing gets in their way and they soar new heights.

I am stuck somewhere in the middle.

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Generally I would say the middle is not such a bad spot to be in. If the middle ground is comfortable not too high not too low not too tight and not too wide. Just right. It is when your brain wants to go one way and your forces for whatever reason keep pulling you back down. that is a terribly frustrating place to be.

I have the best advice when it comes to others, I have a much harder time listening to myself .

Ever wonder why that is? Lucy from theā€¦

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