Sunny snowy Sundays….

When I was younger a Sunday and snow was destined to be a great day. Snow hills to find sledding was a must and hot cocoa and marshmallows were a necessity.

Now the snowy Sundays means who will shovel the driveway? When will it warm up so my old bones can thaw, and is there a friend who might come and take my little one to go build a snowman? Seems the best Snowy Sundays have come and gone. That thought has saddened me greatly.

One of my most favorite children’s books about the snow.

I miss walking through the snow and my hair turning into long frozen icicles.

How we used to play outside in the snow… my children bundled up and they never seemed to get cold. Running into the house to grab a new pair of gloves so they could keep playing… they just never seemed to get cold.

I froze many days watching in delight at my children being children.

If I could count as high as I wanted I still could not count the amount of times snow angels were made in our yard. one by one plopping over to make the perfect one….

Never to be forgotten the few friends made from beloved cloth that must share in the snowy fun.

Their colors so vivid they added a sparkle when the sun hit them just right. I smile at the memories.

Wet boot, many pairs of mix-matched mites and gloves soaking wet to run inside to grab a warm pair to resume the freezing and playing, till their little cheeks were rosy and they could barely feel their toes. I would say, Time to come I and arm up hot chocolate and whipped cream some chicken and dumplings and a hot bath.

Hot Chocolate

Hot bubble baths.

Bedtime stories…

..and then… seeping babies, children and a mother  (or in my case a grandmother)

cleaning up all the wet pieces and hanging them up .

For another day. Then and only then do you get to fall flat on your face beat tired and resting up to rinse and repeat.

As we have said in my home for years..

Say goodnight Gracie!

Tomorrows another day.

Thanks for joining me for a trip down snow lane.

Stay warm and don’t be so uptight you don’t allow yourselves to enjoy the simple pleasures.

Make a snowman, toss a snow ball… its fun!

You only live once, make it count.

Robin ~ a simple bird.


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