I’ve got my coffee by my side, laundry is in the wash doing it’s thing, the beasts have been out in the bitter cold . I do not understand how they enjoy frolicking in this bitter weather…must be nice to wear a double coat all the time.

They are back inside and curled up snuggled and warm dreaming I think of more snow to play in or maybe they are dreaming of the food that smells divine!

I have the most wonderful smelling stock for soup cooking and making my home smell amazing. The small one is off to school learning all the new and wonderful things that teaching is supposed to do!

 I have collected all the garbage cans and placed new bags in all ready for garbage day. Beds are all made ready for the day. Thus my day has begun!

 I am now settled in for some blogging, my favorite TV show is humming in the background and the comforts of my home feel safe.

I am sitting looking out the window watching the bitter cold and wondering so many things, some days my thoughts run faster than my fingers can touch the keys on the keyboard. These are the days I wish I had my oldest daughters gift of typing. She can type 95-100 words a min! I am always amazed as her fingers whirl across the keyboard it looks like she can’t possibly be typing real words and yet she does.

I keep hearing people say, “live in the moment”.

I wonder at times exactly what they mean. I also wonder who “they ” are. I know that living in the past is not healthy, the past is behind us and you cannot go backwards and change anything.  ( time machines are yet to be invented ) Even if they where would we really want to go back to the past? I do not think I would. My past wasn’t the best of times always. Besides the best is today. That would be this time now! Learning from our past and looking and dreaming of the tomorrows that will follow and making the very best of this second this tiny moment in time and building on it ever second of every day till night falls and you will hopefully be lucky to start again making more moments that make for a lovely life. Even a grand life. Happiness is a choice!

Being Happy is a Choice! | Jonathan Lerner Fitness

If happiness is a choice we make, a state of mind despite whatever afflictions one has then maybe it is possible to actually move a mountain. I saw a movie many years ago I love even to this day I can watch it over and over. It was a tiny movie many have never seen it I suggest you watch it if you can.

It is actually a true story about a the measuring of mountains. This tiny town thought ( and were proud ) of their mountain. When it was measured it did not meet the requirements and they called it a hill. The folks in the town shut down and each took dirt up this hill till it measured to become a mountain! They still do this to this day. It is a huge tourist site!

To be proud of your place in life, even a little hill , they worked hard to turn their tiny hill into a mountain and when visitors come to see it they bring a wagon of dirt to keep it to the proper height. I love seeing people work together for a cause that makes people feel proud inside!

It isn’t about the size of what you have, it is about the pride you have in what you have. Taking care of what you have appreciating what you have. Smile at what you made. It is the stuff greatness is made of.

I made three amazing children! I do not own much but I made some amazing people, I love them and as grown as they are my place in life is always with them. They can ( and do) call me at a moments notice and I will be there every single time.

I did my best to instill in them to see the prize when being there, showing up, not just coming along for the ride. I wanted them to learn the beautiful gift of living each moment to the fullest. I wanted for them to smile, laugh till  their sides ached.  I wanted them to understand that even tears had a place.

Five hugs a day just to get by….( get a few extras and stock up for a rainy day)

I taught them pretending is part of dreaming and I wanted them to dream, BIG, HUGE. I wanted them to try to catch  stars, I wanted the to seize each moment and not waste a second. They live this way now…. (I must have done something right.)

Get your hands dirty and feel the earth. Plant a seed and watch it grow, amazing things happen.

Living in the moment I think means catching rainbows when you see them in the sky, dancing in the rain and feeling the gentle drops on your skin. I think it means kissing your husband, like he is still the most amazing boyfriend after all these years. I think it means grabbing life every day in some way and doing something that makes you feel alive!

Worrying about tomorrow when it may never even come is just a waste of today. Today is precious so don’t waste it.

Make your Mondays about moving mountains instead of dreadful start of a horrible week!

Celebrate the day, embrace all that is wonderful, endure the bumps that make it rough, hang on to the one you love when the road is harsh, ignore the negative comments that people will make when they are miserable and hate that you are happy.

Know when to let go of those that will just pull you under, say thank you to those that help you, and for crying out loud SING at the top of your lungs when driving in your car and while cooking dinner taste it!

….and that is how you move a mountain.

Thanks for coming along with me on this bitter Monday. I am off to enjoy a cup of mocha that I just added a heap of whipped cream on top!

Robin~ a simple bird.


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