Dancing is the best feeling in the world. I have said for years dancing with a partner is like making love to someone with your eyes and the way your hips sway when two people are in sync. The music is powerful and if you let go and allow your body to move with the music anyone can feel sexy.

The Tango is probably one of the greatest dances ever, it’s a feeling that is almost indescribable . Two people passionate and eyes lock, bodies are so close they become and move as one. No denying it is simply the pit of your stomach raw….. move with the music even if the music is only inside you head. Feel it in your soul and just move.

You do not need Valentines day to dance like this.

I have a hard time with Valentines Day. One day a year you tell someone , spend outrageous amounts of money to tell someone “hey I love you” if you don’t receive something on this day ( even if you have said don’t get me anything please) You end up feeling left out. I hate that.

A box of chocolate doesn’t do it, it just is a box of chocolate. Why not bring one a box of chocolate on a random day…I promise that will make your person really feel special.

If you don’t have a partner , this is a horrible day, not only is it a reminder your single and do not have a loved one but everyone around you is smiling with their flowers and calling their friends you wont believe the flowers they sent me. What can you possibly say? That’s wonderful! While a little piece of you sinks inside. It should not be this way. There has to be a better way, this tradition hurts more people who it does make people feel good. I think.

It is a Hallmark holiday….and the world bought into it because lets face it everyone wants to feel special and loved. Every girl loves to get flowers from their guy. I think even men secretly enjoy getting flowers… why not?

The language of love.

It is complicated. It shouldn’t be but it is!

A room filled with rose petals, candles, sweet music and the one you love.. romance everyone wants that.

This is the stuff romantic movies are made of, in reality people are running into flower shops frantically trying to make sure they get something so their person doesn’t feel left out.

I have always tried to give my friends a single flower to remind them that just because it is this silly holiday doesn’t mean they are forgotten or unimportant. It really is the little things that matter. Be sensitive to those that don’t have a Valentine.. or a boyfriend , a girlfriend a lover or a husband.

A cup of coffee with a friend sometimes is all anyone needs.

Remember it’s not all about you, it is about others as well.

Be sensitive.

For the rest of the world Happy Valentines Day and it does not matter how small you celebrate.

Just remember, don’t take your person for granted, they know , they can feel it. If your lucky enough to have a someone make sure they know it . Do not assume because you kiss them on the cheek before you leave and maybe before you go to bed that they don’t need to hear it every day in the middle of the day and for no reason at all!

I say, make a little effort, it is important to make sure your person feels special every day but when they make the a day set aside for just this reason a day to remind someone who they are loved you have to put a little effort or people get their feelings hurt,( even if the words that come out of their mouth is I don’t care it is a stupid holiday anyways.)

Go for ice cream, a malted milkshake, a single rose, a card, a cup of coffee when you wake up something a little effort goes a very long way. People feel lost, people gets their hearts hurt.

Spend some quality time more importantly, watch a movie snuggled up, make a nice meal at home, eat with chop sticks and sit on the floor. Just do something that says you’re special to me! You’re worth my TIME.


It has become a day and age where people do not know how to talk to one another face to face. The social media is in everyone’s face every second of every day.

I am guilty as the next person late at night, or if I’m feeling down or lonely I pull out my phone and see what’s going on.. It is not the answer it has become part of the problem!

New rule!

Love is every day not just one day a year. Love means understanding that when your sick and broken you still count. you are still worth the trouble. HELL DIP your girl and kiss her like you mean it!

TANGO with your person into the wee hours of the night…. it’s okay to be a little tired now and then the next day. It is good for the soul and great for your heart!

Thanks for coming along with me again today. I hope everyone has a good night, and remembers to treat your  person with the respect and love they so richly deserve.

Robin~ a simple bird.

As for me I can seduced with Sushi!

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