Time, it can take away or it can give.

I watch time constantly.

Is it time to go?

Are we there yet?

How much time do we have?

Is it too late to call?

Do we have time to talk?

Are you leaving already?

So much we do is all about watching our time and making the best use of it.

Too often we put stuff off, there will always be time later…

Time is fleeting.

Do not waste the time you have.

A five-minute phone call might feel like ugh one more thing to do . Truth is to the one you call it may change the time between a great day or a lonely day. It is only five minutes out of your life. Make the effort.

In a day and age where texting has become the way of communicating a phone call is so personal . The sound of someone’s voice makes all the difference in the world. Make the time. Take the time.

I have often been quoted as saying,” happiness is a choice.”

People make mistakes, it is human nature to do so. You cannot make the same mistake twice in my opinion because the second time it is not a mistake it is a choice you made.. How you choose to spend your time is a choice, just as happiness is.

Time waits for no one … so they saying goes and it’s an honest and harsh reality. Do not waste it. Make the most of this incredible gift we’ve been given. Remember It lasts NOT forever.

Time is our companion, it will go with us on a journey and experience all the great and wonderfully beautiful adventures we will have in our lives, if we allow ourselves to use the time we are given with purpose and outstanding passion.. It will remind us to cherish and embrace every single moment because it will never, ever come around again, not ever. The things, the stuff we leave behind are not nearly as important so much as how we have chosen to live the lives we have. How we spent the time we had. When our time has stopped, for each of us, all that will matter to those  is the way we used our time to touch the lives we have invested in. Not just the time we spent but what we chose to invest in.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by ...

I took the road less traveled.

I took a path most thought was surely a waste of time.

Time waits for no one, not even the likes of me. Defying time is a tricky business best left to the powers that be.

As for me, I have dodged many things that have been tossed my way, living life with richness and color was the only path for me. Filling my world with textures that someone could almost reach out and touch seemed to be the answer.

 A magical place where time might stand still if only for a second .

Long enough for me to  remember how each moment felt.


The birth of my children.

The kiss on my lips from a man I adore.

The breaking of glass as my son kissed his bride.

The day my granddaughter arrived in this world.

Having coffee with my daughters, so gown and so proud.

These are the moments when time stands still . Captured time in a heartbeat that stays forever still. Hold on tight to these moments so dear, for time keeps on moving even with fear. Choose wisely I pray, for each day it appears with the hopes of great smiles more laughter than tears.

When our time on this earth comes to a close just as the curtains of any old play, only no encores for us. It is what it is. So make sure that your time on this earth that we share is filled with great hopes, try to lessen the fears. Have no regrets, just the warmth and the glow of a life lived with richness, tiny moments in time. Great memories have been made that no time can ever steal away.

  I have screamed loudly making sure that G-d might hear me. I have not sat quietly waiting for doors to appear. I listened to all who had something to say. Some spoke with great wisdom I keep to this day.

 I have packed up my bags from those who I feared were stealing my time and my life just the same. I ran and I ran till my legs gave away and my knees buckled quickly as the sight of this man. Into his arms and I never looked back for inside his arms was the place I adored. I still feel this way as my day closes in, for he is the reason I smile more often allowing my fears slip aside.  I  laugh and cry with him all just the same for our lives that we’ve mingled are rich beyond years. I  have done my very best not to waste either of our time. I  just keep on living , seems the best way. The clock keeps on ticking, so be sure that it counts.

Time is too precious, waste none of it at all. Each second becomes minutes then hours and days, and time insists on becoming a week and before you know it its the end of the month, only headed for years and then it is it done.

The Winter comes slowly but it comes just the same . Washing over all that was spent .The white covered world becomes bitter and cold and those moments we share can become mighty cold. Snuggle up with your love and hang on tight and if we are lucky we will all see the light. The sun will come out and the earth become warm and we will hold hands as we walk in the sand, splashing in our water so blue while the trees start to bloom and the flowers appear and the seconds start over to begin a new year.

Thank you for coming along with me today, I hope that your time was not wasted here.

Robin~ a simple bird.



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