I was reading an article about what it takes to be a champion and it started my brain thinking, which of course lead to my pen finding paper to scribble on.

I write all the time, every thought, feeling , questions, worry, and writing till my hands cramp on me and then I write some more.

Time to get more notebooks!

Champions are usually described as one who has defeated the odds and gone way beyond the expectations of greatness. It tends to describe sports. Michael Jordan champion of a lifetime.

Michael Jordan Poster - Streetball

Bigger than Life was Michael Jordan, I watched every game he played in for years. A little guy who did not make his HS basketball team and that did not stop him . He was headed for greatness because he did not give up. The world watched him and his successes to this day still are untouchable.

I am less interested in the sports arena and the successes of over paid athletes. I am more concerned with champions of life. Though  I believe we can take a lesson from many athletes, for they run when they cannot run anymore. They reach for their dreams and they don’t stop till they get where they are going. We are naturally drawn to watch greatness and cheer them on, we love to watch the best of the best and we cry when they fail and we stand up and cheer when they hit their mark!

We cheer on the Olympic athletes they stand for greatness they represent our country and we dream along with them.

Their medals become ours, we shared in the dream…

What about our soldiers who go off to war?

They are considered heroes for they fight for our freedoms and they lay down their lives .

Are they not champions?

I think that they are.

They do not all wear medals despite what they do.. often lost limbs and broken hearts come along too. They stand and they fight with their orders so tight, they walk into bombs exploding at night They are the stuff champions are made of I think, they put others first their lives is just fate.

So I sit here and wonder where we choose to ignore all those around us not asking for more.

Our veterans are people who gave up their lives, so many are homeless, aimless they walk through a life, looking for something that will make them feel whole. For life is not fair, it never has been, it just is what it is so lets live it instead. 

They were not all treated like the champions they are.

A medal should not define what we are , yet so many seem to wait for the one little star.

It should be the medal you will wear in your heart that matters the most as it should from the start. You wear it so early from the day you are born too many allow it to be stolen away, allowing others to dictate their way.

It’s not about money or the stuff you will buy but rather real life you will love all aside.

Bring yourself to the party make sure you show up.

The world that we live is plenty hard enough, no need to add hate and such stuff.

Embrace what is good, share your time when you can.

Endure what is ugly don’t hide in the sand.

Celebrate often we’re luckier than most.

Be grateful each day … you have arrived make your mark.

Be present each moment do not waste precious time it’s fleeting at best.

Be a champion of your life it is the one that counts most. Don’t roll over and go back to bed. - Skreened T-shirts, Organic Shirts, Hoodies, Kids ...

Show up and do something that is worth your time, making moments that last through dark days , and the nights share it too. Make your life worth your living and mix it up well take time for a bath soak in bubbles as well.

Take pride in the life laid before you my friends, for nothing is sacred as the day that is here. You can stand tall and reach for the stars holding those you love dearly along for the ride. Nothing and no one can take that away , not only if you let them, I say not ever go away I have pride.

Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and goin ...

Life is quite special it brings lots of pain but use it and don’t lose it for todays a new day. Phone a friend, use all of your cards that you have, you might think that all the magic has died. Magic belongs to those who believe and it’s there for the taking , though you may disagree.  The stars that we see each night in the sky they twinkle above from the planet below.

It doesn’t belong to you or to me, but it is there to remind us to reach on each day. Going higher and higher till we win the fight, of the lives that were living please don’t give up the sometimes a terrible flight. It is worth your time I promise my dear, hold on tight to those that are near. Snuggle each day with a puppy that’s young . Kiss the oldest  once more even if they become grown, for they too need your love  you will always be home. When the youngest one stops on by without notice but love, hug him tightly its those moments that holds ones pride. Then there is the middle one too blow a kiss then a hug,  make the calls late at night. It makes for their ride on their way home seem like time passed more quickly and you know they’ve made it to their place they call home.

Some days we forget about the champion inside, and we need to be prompted to see and believe in ourselves. Mistakes that we’ve made don’t mean all that much unless we allow ourselves to become stuck. Champions make many mistakes it what they learn from making them brave.

Wear your medals each day, you can be what you want as long as you live.. take me under your hat keep me close in your heart.

I am not ever very far.

I celebrate all the champions I know, 6 beautiful children all that I know.

A little young one I live for each day she is learning to be her champion today!



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