Winter has been particularly bitter this year and all the humans have seemingly all disappeared. They all have taken cover inside making fires to warm them praying for snow to all go away. The winter I think washes the world clean so it can start new come Spring time next year. I don’t mind the snow a little is fun , making snow man and angels even shoveling some.

The days become shorter the night come so quick it often time feels that time there’s no time at all. Days become nights and nights become days our brain get all mixed up in this stuff that’s become mush.

Late at night while my world has become blanketed with snow and I should be asleep the sounds of the snow blowers humming away, the plows as they rumble down my front street making sounds that we’ve become accustomed to mean should mean were all asleep.

The lights of the trucks as they spin around keep my beasts continuously making sounds. Who are these monsters that keep going by and they chase them when we let them outside.

Thor is the small one, yet he loves the snow jumping and rolling as thought its warm sand. He makes noise when the truck rumbles by but the rest of his time he plays like a child.

Rolling, and playing it is never enough.

Max is the one so giant in size he  makes sure to keep the perimeter safe, racing all over barking just so, he’s telling the world, here I am I own this universe I’m making my sound!

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Luke, is top dog there’s no question there but he has little interest in being outside. The cold nights for him means to be tucked safe inside.

It’s these late night when I cannot sleep that the words on these pages tend to run away with my brain…my fingers keep trying to keep up, writing whatever keeps calling my name. It doesn’t usually make lots of sense but tomorrow I’ll read it and fire it out.  Such things with the snow and the lights in the night.  I find that my brain tends to think best at night running away with adventures that have finally found a place where I store them the tales are all bound.

Tucked tightly in bed with the beasts all around, finally quiet laying aside making sure we’re alright.

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I love all three they each have their own, for it is me that they silently own.

Let these thought that I have run through me at night till the alarm goes and my head is  is on right. Find a place for the tales that kept me up through the night giving me time to sort out and make them make sense.

If legends are correct then I guess I’m okay for if I am singing while someone else sleeps in their beds and they dream of adventures with me.. than I’d ask please keep on dreaming I don’t mind at all. I’d rather be up dancing at instead.

Only a few moments in time when every instinct you have will speak loudly in your head to do something like never before. It is the thing that seems to defy all the logic and messes up your already best laid plans. It will seem to others that you may have lost your mind, only crazy, even insanity they will see. When all else sits quietly aside.

Listen to that voice that refuses to settle down and quiet itself. Loudly yelling instead ignore everything else. Sometimes we need to put logic aside, defy gravity and put all odds aside. Ignore the complications and the negative ones too.

The Voice Inside Your Head

Just close your eyes for a little my dears, while you sleep you can fly letting all disappear. Defy gravity and everything else too. Today lasts for barely a blink…it’s true… I say take the leap that single time, spreading your wings making time to just fly.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

These are the moments that will define who you are and the journey you’re on. Those who sit ideally just wasting their time and those who trust fully open wings and just fly.

Come fly with me, take a ride on my broom, cross the clouds take a look at our moon. Fly higher today than ever before soaring higher and higher till the grounds lost our sights. Open your eyes take a good look around, it’s the life you’re creating your life is profound.

The sun shines so brightly at times I adore, it is these mysterious moments that really change time. If you give it a chance. Life is not made of just logical signs, there is so much more if you’re taking a look.

Trust in yourself, trust all that you know. Keep taking that leap never passing a chance.

Trust Wallpapers with Quotes

Stop worrying about making mistakes, it is so much more productive than not doing anything not anything ever at all. Learn from the ones that you make don’t repeat them that is rarely a mistake.  More often than not it is the choice that you make. The choices you make each moment you’re here it’s a life worth creating its your life that is here.

So I say with most clarity now close your eyes for a moment its safe for a while, then open those eyes and take a great look around. Then get up off your behind and live out those choices making your life filled with beauty and living it proud. Nobody ever wants to help lies but a life that your making is worth a try.

Be happy by choice ignore all the rest. It is here for the taking I refuse anything less.

It is as old as time…

Live the life you imagine at night, wake up to the sunshine and live it despite, all the trials and troubles and the sorrows too it is worth all your time.

Each day is new.

It’s worth my time too.

I took the leap and made my wings on the way down…. R.J.M.C.

Thank you as always for coming with me today.

Make your life worth your time and your time worth your life.

Robin joi~ a simple bird.


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