It appears just when you think we will get a lapse in this horrible winter , you wake up to new snow!

It was beautiful, but I am feeling mighty homebound . I cannot go out in this weather the risk of slipping is too great and it makes me terribly nervous. I will have to go back out again tomorrow another doctor appointment this time for me. Checking up on my hip and my elbow and my knee.. I am rather tired of this body falling apart. I’d rather be gong outside and watching this magnificent sight!

( yes I went sledding with my kids once upon a time)

It becomes difficult to find the incentive to get much done. I left my home yesterday as I had to take the small one to see a doctor. She has been sick on and off for a week and that is long enough in my book. Turns out it was a good call this poor child has come down with double ear infections. Lots of homework to make up and ISATS are done this week so she will have much to do. Getting healthy again we have antibiotics to get these ears back in good shape. Today she is on task and getting work done!  Being sick really takes its toll on the best of us even with the greatest of attitudes. Yesterday left what would turn out to be a frustrating day on so many levels. We made it down the stairs and I did not slip or fall! Thank G-D! Then we made our way to the garage and I was still upright cane in one hand walking carefully. The little one slid into the car, “Okay Grandma?” I’m okay I replied. Then, I finally got myself settled into my car which has sat in my garage for most of this winter while recovering from this silly hip replacement. Backing out slowly between the mounds of snow piled high on either side of my driveway.. only to feel a small bump. I stopped the car. Shit! That’s all I could think, getting out of the car carefully walking around to the back of my car only to find the garbage cans sitting directly behind my car! So I did what any normal person does… I rolled the cans to a spot so I could keep going we had places to get to… the cans took me for a little sledding trip,  hanging on tightly to the cans praying, please don’t fall please don’t fall! I managed to stay upright but sledding was not what I had intended to do.

Today I feel the effects. Today I am hurting.

I took my car into get a new sticker for my car, apparently they said I needed to get an emissions test first. Mind you I just came from the doctors with my little one in tow so we got out of the car to get the new sticker only to be told to go someplace else first. Back into the car we went to go to stop B only to find out my poor car failed its test… ( I think it is because it has sat for too long) So back into the car with no sticker, no passing the big test and a little one with ear infections and we still needed to head to Walgreens to get her script… thankfully they had it ready and so HOME JAMES she yells from the back seat. One last stop before headed home… I wanted a Sweet Tea and she wanted a Happy Meal …. so I went through the drive and got my tea only to find out it wasn’t NOT sweet tea ! I am not even sure it as any sort of tea. Shaking my head I rounded McDonald’s again… this time irritated I just wanted a cup of sweet tea.

Onwards to home we drove with a chatterbox in the back seat about my car failing its test…

I am not sure how exactly we managed to get through yesterday. It felt as though everything I touched wasn’t working. I just wanted to go to bed and start over. The day continued in this fashion . I ordered something for dinner. Something cheap and quick as my husband was on his way home and I had not managed to get anything cooked. I was beat. So much for quick and tasty, it took over an hour and a half to get it. I was more than tired and hungry at this point and the food was most disappointing and I was unable to eat it. I wont be ordering again from this new little place that popped up!

I remembered again why it is I never go out to eat or order food.. I like my cooking best. I am not a snob I love it when someone else cooks for me but I really prefer the food I cook and knowing what is in it!

The day had finally come to a close, my husband made it back home and we said goodnight to the small one with a dose of icky bubble gum medicine and a lot of hugs and kisses.

Jean M. -

We settled in for the night watching our favorite shows on TV and hitting pause to chat about this and that… it takes us forever to get through any show we always end up chatting and giggling about something. He is always the best part of the end of each day.

Criminal Minds Aaron Hotchner Quote | Criminal Minds

What a day… what a week! It was just one day but it felt like a year. Maybe in part that was because I have had a small one home sick all week. Maybe in part it is because I ache so badly and people get sick of hearing that so I try not to complain too often. I don’t succeed always. I feel badly asking others for help and more often than not I need it but I muddle through the best I can but it is exhausting…I wont lie.  Then I will wish for tomorrow with all the best intentions, that it will arrive with new hopes, new dreams and new places to be inspired will show up and we will mush through another day of cold, another day of bundling up and headed for the new snow… just doing the best we can making the new day count.

Here is my thoughts for today….

I’m grateful for every step I take

Every breath I make

Every hand I shake

…and kisses yes kisses like snowflakes

No two are ever the same

  always needed so much to gain

  A life is worth living

Remember to take time to chase snowflakes….

Spring will come.

Today is a new day which means we made it through yesterday a little battered and bruised but we made it.

That is an accomplishment  all in of itself.

Stay warm and be safe my friends… thank you as always for coming with me another day. More snow to shovel, more wet floors to dry and well at least it is not -30 outside. Bright side to most things… my beasts are plenty happy with the new white blanket that has covered their playground.  

They love it.

Off to play teacher for awhile…and make grilled cheese sandwiches and peel carrots.

….just maybe I will even find my sense of humor hiding under the pile of laundry that needs to be folded.

Robin joi ~ a simple bird


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