There is really only one way to win.

Pick your battles.

You have to fight back, and if you are lucky enough to get out alive, with your head held high… take a moment and celebrate…. before you put you guard back up to fight another battle. Breathe… before you suit up with all your armor and guns blazing ready for the next battle you will fight. It is okay to ask when a wanting hand reaches out… take it. The battle is hard enough to always go it alone.

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: 17 Short Beautiful Love Poems

There is always going to be a battle to fight, and obstacles to over come, time is constantly moving and so are we. I say to choose your battles wisely, you cannot fight all the time and you cannot win them all. So choose wisely and be ready, breathe and suit up and then fight to keep your head above water and live the life you want. No one can fight those battles for you, those are the battles you have to fight yourself. You may never see the life you have ahead of you if you never take off the armor you wear thinking it protects you. Sometimes you just have to let down your hair take all the armor off and breathe… look in that mirror and love the reflection you see.

Sometimes you just have to let go… and regroup and figure out a new plan, a different route to where you want to go. Blocks in the road do not mean you wont get there just taking a detour , you might even see things you never dreamed of.

Letting go of all that’s negative and all that seems impossible is how we become free. It is exhausting when you carry all that weight around it is heavy even for the bravest of the brave. It is impossible when all you do is look for what’s wrong and how bad it might be. Things can go wrong even when you do everything right.

 Let it go…

Take a chance.

Life is an adventure, it is a journey to be had, if you allow yourself to be present and take stock in the life you hold.

It is a gift not to be squandered. Let go of what drags you down, the road is hard enough to travel nothing is perfect, it is only what you make of it. I do not preach what I do not understand I say what I believe. I have struggled for everything ever moment of the life that I have. It was not handed to me nobody gave me a thing. My life has been made up of one struggle after another, and people ask me how I am happy. Truth is I am most of the time. It is the choice I have made it is the path that I chose. It took me many years to finally hang up my running shoes and allow myself to breathe…. (still struggle with relaxing)I did it though, I hung up my shield and handed over my sword I was done battling every day in every way. I opened the windows let the fresh air in.

I stepped out in the rain letting it wash away all of my pain. I learned to allow time to rejoice.  Celebrate, embrace, all that was good. Spending time dancing if only for me. Laughing when something tickles my brain and finding my peace standing taller and taller each time it expands. If you carry the weights all the time your alive it will wear you down taking you down to small size. It blocks all the windows to be opened so wide allowing what’s grand and exciting inside.

It’s a choice that I made many years ago and I urge everyone to make choices themselves , you too can surprise. I packed away all that stood in front of what was wanted or misunderstood. I stopped dwelling on the things I did not have and an astonishing thing happened when I was not looking for perfection something wild and crazy you might all agree but I’m telling you all this actually happened to me.  It’s not that it’s perfect or never messy at all but its my life and I am proud of it all. I was able to see more clearly now of what all lay ahead of me. A life that I built with no pretense at all just a life for my children , it’s the life that I made.

new phone pics 2013 (9701)

We don’t always get what we wished for at all or the dreams that we had, but rather something better I think. It’s the life that you have. So create it yourself. Color it too. Fill it with textures and mix it up well, plant flowers outside and inside as well, live the life that your given and making reflections of your beautiful self.

In order to do as I say, you have to believe when I say it out loud, you must, you just must let it all go. All those preconceived notions of perfections each day. Remember when I started I said it’s a gift not to be squandered on nonsense and such. Accept the support that you have around and remember to thank them don’t let your pride get in the way. Raise yourself up painting each day with mini moments and textures enriching this life, the one that you have, have faith in yourself and maybe a few too .

Sometimes not always other may surprise you as well.

It’s not that you wont ever fall, and some days you may find you just want to hide, stand up tall!  Get back on your feet and stand tall as you can.

Just as we began this today I say it again…. Let it go.. it is the only way to begin again.

Let it go.

Let go …of the anger of what could have been

…of the what’s to come

…of mistakes you think you have made

let go of the expectations of others their path is not yours

let go of the critics who wont ever understand

…of the life you had planned

let it all go and live the life that you have


Life is full of blessings quotes i cried because.. - Words On ...

I did and so can you..

Change your can’t into I cans

and your dreams

into BEAUTIFUL plans.

Life is what you make of it.. take the good with the bad ,let go of the weight and open those wings… fly higher and higher than ever before. If you want it you have it, it’s all there inside.

Just stretch those wings and  FLY!

I gave you roots that go very deep and I gave you wings so you could always fly .

Forget all the reason that you think it can’t work and dig deep to remember the one reason it can. 

The higher you reach the higheryou soar!


As always, I say thank you today for another days thoughts and the journey I’ve made. I hope that you all have something inside that lets you believe that you can always fly!

Robin joi ~ a simple bird.

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