Like the sweet smells of the ocean… each day brings the uncertainty of whatever may come our way. It is bitter-sweet with the taste of salt water as it brushes over our lips. Time will tell us… and the waves will come crashing just  as quickly as the peaceful moments seem to just settle in.


Such is the game of life we all are playing.

Without a  moments notice the tide will turn and you best be ready for whatever awaits you when it hits. Wading in the wide ocean is more cleansing than anything one might imagine. However, just as quickly, it  can become an evil monster destroying all in its path . It is to reminds us be ready, saddle up and don’t get to comfortable. make sure you have your paddles ready, you may be in for a long row,, life moves with you or without you… it is just what it is and you either step up or get knocked over.

Like the ocean, life is unpredictable.

Today, was an interesting day.

I walked through the woods with a curious puppy searching for large sticks to grab and strut through the trees as though he owned the land.

I found myself drifting off in thoughts of a far away place, where my friends are and thinking about the day I spent walking through the most magnificent gardens I have ever seen.( well, actually I didn’t really walk through the entire gardens I rode this ridiculous golf like cart)


Its okay I had a blast!  

These are the bathrooms tucked away surrounded by nothing but ivy!

I remember my friend and her aunt giggling like some school girls that this is where we were going to pee! I almost peed in my pants, I could not believe these were truly public bathrooms, trust me they said.

We ate the most delicious lunch in the cafeteria, but not like some ordinary one. This place had serious food! I was almost overwhelmed ( well maybe I was a little).   

I drove with my best friend all the way to Pennsylvania, to meet up with her aunt . I was a bit nervous I am not going to lie. She may be one of the most amazing ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

.2014-06-13 02.05.31

She made me feel like I belonged , that I somehow mattered at all.When we arrived at her home I found this busy little lady with the most amazing smile, she lit up with hugs and stories and a wall of fame of her life. Pride, is what I saw and warmth is what I felt. It was as though we had known one another a lifetime. In truth what we shared was a great love of one human being. My friend.  She is a rare kind of gal, funny, kind, respectful ,so special, beautiful inside and out.,she has no idea how beautiful she really is. I wish she would see herself through my eyes. Both  of these women I spent the day with shared a rare trait to find these days in my opinion. They are a gift in this world, they touch the soul of every single person they come in contact with. They hold each heart in the palm of their hands so carefully and they leave a mark… of a pure love that is astonishing and completely secure like a warm ,fuzzy blanket wrapped tightly around you on a cold day.

I felt truly privileged..

I felt a little sad.

I felt sad for all that I had missed out on.

I felt sad for never having felt this kind of acceptance and love.

Honest and raw.

Then something astonishing happened.

They took me down to get a cart….reminding me how disabled I actually am, and again I felt my heart sink a little.

Then she spoke, “oh for crying out loud just get in it…. “and I began to smile, there was no judgments, they wanted me to enjoy this day and knew my poor hips would not carry me the entire way.



I just had forgotten what that felt like, or maybe in fact I never actually felt that way before. They did not care I couldn’t walk the whole way they made it possible for me to have the time of my life!

NO JUDGMENTS,  pure and total acceptance of who I am and the state of my being.

We strolled ( and I rode) through some of  the gardens, it is HUGE and SPECTACULAR!!

“What is now Longwood Gardens was originally purchased from William Penn in 1700 by a fellow Quaker named George Peirce (1646–1734).[2] Although it started as a working farm, in 1798 twin brothers Joshua and Samuel Peirce planted the first specimens of an arboretum there, originally named Peirce’s Park,[3] and it has been open to the public almost continuously since that time.[4] By 1850, they had amassed one of the finest collections of trees in the nation.[5]

These platters can hold a man who weighs 200 lbs with a tool box! They are incredible.

What I wouldn’t do to go back again and see the rest. 

My brain continued to drift, all the while watching the little pup trot along side me feeling very brave indeed. My life , I thought for a moment, my life is incredible, I have roamed so many places, met so many people, of all walks of life and listened to stories… oh the stories I can tell. It’s my life, pretty incredible don’t you think? I sure do. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am still breathing. Beauty surrounds us everywhere … you just have to keep yourself open to what awaits you at the next turn, the next corner, or maybe across the street..


maybe you have to be brave enough to get on a plane and fly across the country to get the greatest hugs ever!

2014-06-10 14.24.02

We were having a great day!

I thank her for so many things, but in this moment , on this day I thank her for sharing her beloved Aunt with me. I thank her for showing me that it doesn’t really matter that my legs are weak, or that my back does’t work properly, or that I hobble everywhere I go. It did not matter I use a cane, it did not matter that my hair has turned gray, the only thing that mattered was sharing such love., such beauty in the midst of an insane and unpredictable life, I will never forget her or this day as long as I live.

I say thank you with all my heart.

2014-06-10 14.23.31

Pretty wicked if you ask me…

2014-06-10 13.52.18

What a view…. I swear I thought I was dreaming.

Back down to earth and the reality I was in, I realized it had started to rain.

So, the little pup and I strolled back to his home for a much-needed snack and something to drink. Then a NAP! Back to the present day to finish the days work and go home to let my beasts out and check on my famous rain buckets and pray to make sure my roof was still attached.

I admit it was a lovely walk through the woods, and thinking about such a wonderful day I spent with my friend.

Our Home!

Thankfully, the roof is still above my head!

2014-07-08 13.19.44

I cleaned up a few things and set out for home… I love my home , even if the roof is testing my patience. So the little pup went straight for his nap and I took myself home.

Home, is a good word. It is a good place.

It is my home.



Home is where I lay my head down at the end of whatever day I have had. It is where I am greeted with love,and sometimes such a mess, for I am so busy doing for others I have worn myself out to do for me. That’s okay, for I figure I am only going to be here once.. May as well make sure I am truly living this life I have.Broken as I may be, I am up for the adventures that come my way.

For now I will say this, I had such an amazing summer filled with tears, and laughter and such dancing  one can only imagine. I will tell you about that another day!

2014-05-22 19.43.11

Busy, busy, busy.

“A busy life is a happy life”, my one daughter often tells me, she is correct.

Though I confess… I think…

I left apart of my heart back on the east coast.

2014-06-16 15.27.56

You know who you are, I miss you terribly, and I love you with every single breath I take.

Thank you my friend, thank you…

That is all for today, as I say in my world…

“Say goodnight Gracie!”

Robin joi

~ a simple bird 


I was having a conversation a few days ago with a friend of mine about a little secret I use for coping with things that seem to become a mountain impossible to climb.

It is a useful tidbit I think so I thought I would share with the world.



Oh, the delight I feel when I find a new box. I have tons of boxes in my home in every shape and size. They are useful and beautiful and some have amazing craftsmanship.

Boxes that contain worry dolls are amazing… and they work if you were to do some research about the use of worry dolls it is very interesting.

I have worry dolls. They worry for me some days. Takes a little off the rest of the things I worry about.

Boxes are such a useful tool. Inside my mind I close my eyes and envision a box, just a box I place all the scattered thoughts neatly inside this imaginary box and leave it there closed, wrapped up and I refuse to even look its direction.

Sometimes things are best left inside a box.

When all the world seems such a mess and the thoughts inside your head refuse to quiet down, find a box, and toss some of the mess inside it and close the lid and put it some place. You can always sort through it later.

I think that boxes are so cool..

collect them.

use them

stack them

place them around to view.

Music boxes!

I love music boxes!

I think every little girl once had a music box with a ballerina spinning about…. I have one with a wicked witch in it… any surprise?

wicked box


When you are trying to organize, you don’t have to but I think boxes come in handy and can be beautiful.

You can leave a message inside a tiny box placed beside the bed of a loved one.

You can mail COOKIES inside a BOX!

Love in a box! Why not?

 Now and then I might rearrange the boxes, putting those that hold important things such as photographs I don’t ever want to lose in a special place. Other times I just stack them up…

box day

If you ever find yourself with too much on your mind I highly suggest to see a box and if not physically put anything inside it imagine doing so, it truly clears some of the overwhelming clutter of the brain.

This time of the year I am certain my husband is sick of seeing boxes, between unloading the and breaking down boxes I am certain he’s seen more boxes than he’d like to see… I’d like to think however when he comes home to our BOX he’s happy and relieved that the only boxes we have are the ones we plan on keeping, filling them with memories for long after we are both gone.

Well, short and sweet. Another days thoughts and I hope you reconsider the way you might look at  box.

It isn’t always just a box. Sometimes it holds very special moments in time, some are sad, some are happy, some filled to the brim and over flowing with things that need a NEW box.


There is always a box for everything.

…even sushi!

Thank you for stopping by I truly appreciate those who follow me and I look forward to the comments and thoughts of those who read my tales.

…come on back tomorrow, and see what new adventures I have had.

…and keep a box close by you never know when it will come in handy.







You’ve got mail!

Boxes full of giving!

~ Robin joi

~ a simple bird.


The weekend has come and gone and a new day, a new week begins.

What will you do with the fresh chances you have in front of you?


This is what I wish I was doing this Monday morning! Eating the greatest bagels and cream cheese with Lox and onions and a slice of tomato!

One can dream.

You cannot find the best bagels or Lox in my area but over the summer I went to New York and I ate the greatest bagel with the best of friends. It had been a rough day but what I remember truly is not the painful moments when we found my mother’s grave along with my grandfathers. What I remember was this incredible peace that settled something terribly painful for me all these years later. What a gift they gave to me. I will forever be incredibly grateful for this. They may never truly know the gravity of this gift.


After a long journey to the East Coast to pick up the pieces of my life a day at a time. We found the most amazing little hole in the wall Bagel shop in Brooklyn , New York where my life began. That first bite seemed to let tears of a lifetime flow…. I was reclaiming a life that had been taken from me over many years. There comes a sense of peace when years of tears fall to open doors for new and happy memories. The last time I left the East Coat I said my last “I love you.”

2014-06-09 10.23.48

This time when I left the coast I said goodbyes, through many tears and such a mixture of the greatest kind of love and loss and gains.  This time it wasn’t  forever. I opened new doors to own my life and took back so much that was taken from me. I met new people who changed my life, gave me tools to cope on terribly rough days. I left with a new perspective of my life, and was able to see the life I created despite such a cruel upbringing.

I found my safe place.

It took me to cross the country and sail across my Ocean and realize my safe place was inside of ME!

2014-06-16 18.44.39

Yes, I brought my green cup everywhere we went!

It was the most magnificent day of my life!

It is amazing how much stronger we are then we think, too often. We search for happiness in other people when we hold the most magnificent power of all! To be happy starts inside of ourselves and we spend too much time trying to please a world where we really don’t matter all that much. But… if you find the part of yourself that chooses to CHOOSE happiness over misery it is spectacular!

You must choose this every single day when open your eyes in the morning. It is a new day and that means new and exciting chances. There will be new challenges and difficult moments and there will always be stuff that seems to get in the way of the plans you made, but life is just that way.

Don’t quit. Keep pushing , keep moving, keep going, Nobody said it was a promised easy life, the only promises I know of are the ones you make inside yourself. Don’t make promises you don’t intend on keeping. Your word even when it is whispered quietly inside your head it matters.

Well Monday morning has come and gone and the afternoon has crept up on me. It has already been a busy morning. Which reminds me I must go buy some coffee for tomorrow morning! Cannot start my day without coffee.

The air is crisp and a hot cup of coffee helps to take the chill out of the bones that ache ..I love Fall, and all that it brings. Beautiful colors, cozy socks, sweatshirts, a good book, a warm fire, and a walk with a dog. It is a beautiful thing.

I hope everyone has a few moments to get outside and close their eyes and feel the air, its fresh and brings something special and new, perhaps even exciting.

As for me, I am taking a walk on the wild side with a sweet pup!

Thank you for coming with me today, I love that people from around the world stop by and say hello.

Robin joi

~ a simple bird


Do you remember the moment you met?

Do you remember when all was fresh and new?

Did it feel as though time stopped for a single perfect second?

What do you do to keep the sparks alive and the light burning brightly?

If you do nothing, nothing is what you will have.

If you do not care for what you have one day you will come to see it no longer has use, it will remain empty and rot. Everything is possible if you can see all the wonderful and amazing senses you contain.

Nobody likes an empty swing set. It appears to the naked eye lonely.

Hopeful comes from knowing that possibilities are out there and that if you keep digging and stay the course that time and patience will allow for the path of unbelievable happiness.

Faith is believing when you can not even imagine or see what is there but you close your eyes and trust anyways…. extremely difficult to do. That’s why they call it blind faith.

Trust in yourself and the world becomes full of endless possibilities.

How amazing is that?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You look across the crowded room and your eyes meet hers.. maybe you are at a place where you had dreaded to even go…

but you went anyways.

2014-06-07 09.31.13

Your eyes meet hers, and you know she can see you coming. It is in that single moment, that split second, right before you even say hello, it is there where the world feels full of possibilities, hope, and the sense you own you own destiny.

Faith. Have some faith in yourself.

Possibilities, endless possibilities.

That possibility has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with a single perfect instnce where the world seems right and your heart soars.

…and the possibilities are endless, nothing short of perfect.

Only when doubt is allowed to enter the brain do all the imperfections cloud your view.

But.. if you stay the course and walk across the floor and say hello imagine…. imagine how every single possible imperfection will simply add color and texture to the lives you will create together.

Then you say hello and she reaches out her hand… it is the beginning.

With possibility and hope and trust anything can happen.

Then she speaks, and says, “hello”. You realize she is perfect.

Fresh, new, and exciting because you can feel endless possibilities.

Take a chance.

Touch a hand.


Say hello.

Kiss those lips.

Believe in amazement.

2014-06-05 12.12.06

That is how you get it right.

Robin joi.

~ a simple bird.

Breathe Like a Horse.

                                           Hello out there to all who come to visit me.

It has been awhile since I sat down to write and there are so, so many stories I have to tell but for today I just wanted everyone to know I am back!

2014-06-06 12.13.17

What a Summer it has been!  So many amazing, beautiful and even some tears unbelievable moments of my life were had. as well.  There were more things have happened, I can hardly wrap my own brain around it but I will share all the adventures I have had. I have been so many places and had more experiences than I could ever have imagined. I cannot wait to tell you of all the amazing places and people I met.


It truly is an amazing life if you are willing to fight for it and actually live it!

I am thrilled I took the time to reclaim my own life, which was not an easy thing to have done.

I did it!

What  JOURNEY I have been on , I shared my journey with the best of friends.

2014-06-06 12.15.26

A gift only G-d himself knows.

I do not regret a single moment, not one. I am a little lonesome for my friend out east, but I will go back home and I will hug her like there is no tomorrow but for now, emails and phone calls to fill a void.

So for tonight I just wanted to poke my head in and say I am here to tell another tale of another days adventures in the life of this simple bird.

I hope you all had a magnificent summer, I know mine was a one in a life time experience.

The journey continues it surely is far from over.

Just wait….

 Robin joi

~ a simple bird.