Do you remember the moment you met?

Do you remember when all was fresh and new?

Did it feel as though time stopped for a single perfect second?

What do you do to keep the sparks alive and the light burning brightly?

If you do nothing, nothing is what you will have.

If you do not care for what you have one day you will come to see it no longer has use, it will remain empty and rot. Everything is possible if you can see all the wonderful and amazing senses you contain.

Nobody likes an empty swing set. It appears to the naked eye lonely.

Hopeful comes from knowing that possibilities are out there and that if you keep digging and stay the course that time and patience will allow for the path of unbelievable happiness.

Faith is believing when you can not even imagine or see what is there but you close your eyes and trust anyways…. extremely difficult to do. That’s why they call it blind faith.

Trust in yourself and the world becomes full of endless possibilities.

How amazing is that?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You look across the crowded room and your eyes meet hers.. maybe you are at a place where you had dreaded to even go…

but you went anyways.

2014-06-07 09.31.13

Your eyes meet hers, and you know she can see you coming. It is in that single moment, that split second, right before you even say hello, it is there where the world feels full of possibilities, hope, and the sense you own you own destiny.

Faith. Have some faith in yourself.

Possibilities, endless possibilities.

That possibility has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with a single perfect instnce where the world seems right and your heart soars.

…and the possibilities are endless, nothing short of perfect.

Only when doubt is allowed to enter the brain do all the imperfections cloud your view.

But.. if you stay the course and walk across the floor and say hello imagine…. imagine how every single possible imperfection will simply add color and texture to the lives you will create together.

Then you say hello and she reaches out her hand… it is the beginning.

With possibility and hope and trust anything can happen.

Then she speaks, and says, “hello”. You realize she is perfect.

Fresh, new, and exciting because you can feel endless possibilities.

Take a chance.

Touch a hand.


Say hello.

Kiss those lips.

Believe in amazement.

2014-06-05 12.12.06

That is how you get it right.

Robin joi.

~ a simple bird.



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