The weekend has come and gone and a new day, a new week begins.

What will you do with the fresh chances you have in front of you?


This is what I wish I was doing this Monday morning! Eating the greatest bagels and cream cheese with Lox and onions and a slice of tomato!

One can dream.

You cannot find the best bagels or Lox in my area but over the summer I went to New York and I ate the greatest bagel with the best of friends. It had been a rough day but what I remember truly is not the painful moments when we found my mother’s grave along with my grandfathers. What I remember was this incredible peace that settled something terribly painful for me all these years later. What a gift they gave to me. I will forever be incredibly grateful for this. They may never truly know the gravity of this gift.


After a long journey to the East Coast to pick up the pieces of my life a day at a time. We found the most amazing little hole in the wall Bagel shop in Brooklyn , New York where my life began. That first bite seemed to let tears of a lifetime flow…. I was reclaiming a life that had been taken from me over many years. There comes a sense of peace when years of tears fall to open doors for new and happy memories. The last time I left the East Coat I said my last “I love you.”

2014-06-09 10.23.48

This time when I left the coast I said goodbyes, through many tears and such a mixture of the greatest kind of love and loss and gains.  This time it wasn’t  forever. I opened new doors to own my life and took back so much that was taken from me. I met new people who changed my life, gave me tools to cope on terribly rough days. I left with a new perspective of my life, and was able to see the life I created despite such a cruel upbringing.

I found my safe place.

It took me to cross the country and sail across my Ocean and realize my safe place was inside of ME!

2014-06-16 18.44.39

Yes, I brought my green cup everywhere we went!

It was the most magnificent day of my life!

It is amazing how much stronger we are then we think, too often. We search for happiness in other people when we hold the most magnificent power of all! To be happy starts inside of ourselves and we spend too much time trying to please a world where we really don’t matter all that much. But… if you find the part of yourself that chooses to CHOOSE happiness over misery it is spectacular!

You must choose this every single day when open your eyes in the morning. It is a new day and that means new and exciting chances. There will be new challenges and difficult moments and there will always be stuff that seems to get in the way of the plans you made, but life is just that way.

Don’t quit. Keep pushing , keep moving, keep going, Nobody said it was a promised easy life, the only promises I know of are the ones you make inside yourself. Don’t make promises you don’t intend on keeping. Your word even when it is whispered quietly inside your head it matters.

Well Monday morning has come and gone and the afternoon has crept up on me. It has already been a busy morning. Which reminds me I must go buy some coffee for tomorrow morning! Cannot start my day without coffee.

The air is crisp and a hot cup of coffee helps to take the chill out of the bones that ache ..I love Fall, and all that it brings. Beautiful colors, cozy socks, sweatshirts, a good book, a warm fire, and a walk with a dog. It is a beautiful thing.

I hope everyone has a few moments to get outside and close their eyes and feel the air, its fresh and brings something special and new, perhaps even exciting.

As for me, I am taking a walk on the wild side with a sweet pup!

Thank you for coming with me today, I love that people from around the world stop by and say hello.

Robin joi

~ a simple bird


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