I was having a conversation a few days ago with a friend of mine about a little secret I use for coping with things that seem to become a mountain impossible to climb.

It is a useful tidbit I think so I thought I would share with the world.



Oh, the delight I feel when I find a new box. I have tons of boxes in my home in every shape and size. They are useful and beautiful and some have amazing craftsmanship.

Boxes that contain worry dolls are amazing… and they work if you were to do some research about the use of worry dolls it is very interesting.

I have worry dolls. They worry for me some days. Takes a little off the rest of the things I worry about.

Boxes are such a useful tool. Inside my mind I close my eyes and envision a box, just a box I place all the scattered thoughts neatly inside this imaginary box and leave it there closed, wrapped up and I refuse to even look its direction.

Sometimes things are best left inside a box.

When all the world seems such a mess and the thoughts inside your head refuse to quiet down, find a box, and toss some of the mess inside it and close the lid and put it some place. You can always sort through it later.

I think that boxes are so cool..

collect them.

use them

stack them

place them around to view.

Music boxes!

I love music boxes!

I think every little girl once had a music box with a ballerina spinning about…. I have one with a wicked witch in it… any surprise?

wicked box


When you are trying to organize, you don’t have to but I think boxes come in handy and can be beautiful.

You can leave a message inside a tiny box placed beside the bed of a loved one.

You can mail COOKIES inside a BOX!

Love in a box! Why not?

 Now and then I might rearrange the boxes, putting those that hold important things such as photographs I don’t ever want to lose in a special place. Other times I just stack them up…

box day

If you ever find yourself with too much on your mind I highly suggest to see a box and if not physically put anything inside it imagine doing so, it truly clears some of the overwhelming clutter of the brain.

This time of the year I am certain my husband is sick of seeing boxes, between unloading the and breaking down boxes I am certain he’s seen more boxes than he’d like to see… I’d like to think however when he comes home to our BOX he’s happy and relieved that the only boxes we have are the ones we plan on keeping, filling them with memories for long after we are both gone.

Well, short and sweet. Another days thoughts and I hope you reconsider the way you might look at  box.

It isn’t always just a box. Sometimes it holds very special moments in time, some are sad, some are happy, some filled to the brim and over flowing with things that need a NEW box.


There is always a box for everything.

…even sushi!

Thank you for stopping by I truly appreciate those who follow me and I look forward to the comments and thoughts of those who read my tales.

…come on back tomorrow, and see what new adventures I have had.

…and keep a box close by you never know when it will come in handy.







You’ve got mail!

Boxes full of giving!

~ Robin joi

~ a simple bird.


One thought on “BOXES!

  1. I’m going to try this trick next time I feel overwhelmed! Your son has your same affinity for cool little boxes, now I know where he gets it from 🙂 Glad you’re posting again.

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