Like the sweet smells of the ocean… each day brings the uncertainty of whatever may come our way. It is bitter-sweet with the taste of salt water as it brushes over our lips. Time will tell us… and the waves will come crashing just  as quickly as the peaceful moments seem to just settle in.


Such is the game of life we all are playing.

Without a  moments notice the tide will turn and you best be ready for whatever awaits you when it hits. Wading in the wide ocean is more cleansing than anything one might imagine. However, just as quickly, it  can become an evil monster destroying all in its path . It is to reminds us be ready, saddle up and don’t get to comfortable. make sure you have your paddles ready, you may be in for a long row,, life moves with you or without you… it is just what it is and you either step up or get knocked over.

Like the ocean, life is unpredictable.

Today, was an interesting day.

I walked through the woods with a curious puppy searching for large sticks to grab and strut through the trees as though he owned the land.

I found myself drifting off in thoughts of a far away place, where my friends are and thinking about the day I spent walking through the most magnificent gardens I have ever seen.( well, actually I didn’t really walk through the entire gardens I rode this ridiculous golf like cart)


Its okay I had a blast!  

These are the bathrooms tucked away surrounded by nothing but ivy!

I remember my friend and her aunt giggling like some school girls that this is where we were going to pee! I almost peed in my pants, I could not believe these were truly public bathrooms, trust me they said.

We ate the most delicious lunch in the cafeteria, but not like some ordinary one. This place had serious food! I was almost overwhelmed ( well maybe I was a little).   

I drove with my best friend all the way to Pennsylvania, to meet up with her aunt . I was a bit nervous I am not going to lie. She may be one of the most amazing ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

.2014-06-13 02.05.31

She made me feel like I belonged , that I somehow mattered at all.When we arrived at her home I found this busy little lady with the most amazing smile, she lit up with hugs and stories and a wall of fame of her life. Pride, is what I saw and warmth is what I felt. It was as though we had known one another a lifetime. In truth what we shared was a great love of one human being. My friend.  She is a rare kind of gal, funny, kind, respectful ,so special, beautiful inside and out.,she has no idea how beautiful she really is. I wish she would see herself through my eyes. Both  of these women I spent the day with shared a rare trait to find these days in my opinion. They are a gift in this world, they touch the soul of every single person they come in contact with. They hold each heart in the palm of their hands so carefully and they leave a mark… of a pure love that is astonishing and completely secure like a warm ,fuzzy blanket wrapped tightly around you on a cold day.

I felt truly privileged..

I felt a little sad.

I felt sad for all that I had missed out on.

I felt sad for never having felt this kind of acceptance and love.

Honest and raw.

Then something astonishing happened.

They took me down to get a cart….reminding me how disabled I actually am, and again I felt my heart sink a little.

Then she spoke, “oh for crying out loud just get in it…. “and I began to smile, there was no judgments, they wanted me to enjoy this day and knew my poor hips would not carry me the entire way.



I just had forgotten what that felt like, or maybe in fact I never actually felt that way before. They did not care I couldn’t walk the whole way they made it possible for me to have the time of my life!

NO JUDGMENTS,  pure and total acceptance of who I am and the state of my being.

We strolled ( and I rode) through some of  the gardens, it is HUGE and SPECTACULAR!!

“What is now Longwood Gardens was originally purchased from William Penn in 1700 by a fellow Quaker named George Peirce (1646–1734).[2] Although it started as a working farm, in 1798 twin brothers Joshua and Samuel Peirce planted the first specimens of an arboretum there, originally named Peirce’s Park,[3] and it has been open to the public almost continuously since that time.[4] By 1850, they had amassed one of the finest collections of trees in the nation.[5]

These platters can hold a man who weighs 200 lbs with a tool box! They are incredible.

What I wouldn’t do to go back again and see the rest. 

My brain continued to drift, all the while watching the little pup trot along side me feeling very brave indeed. My life , I thought for a moment, my life is incredible, I have roamed so many places, met so many people, of all walks of life and listened to stories… oh the stories I can tell. It’s my life, pretty incredible don’t you think? I sure do. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am still breathing. Beauty surrounds us everywhere … you just have to keep yourself open to what awaits you at the next turn, the next corner, or maybe across the street..


maybe you have to be brave enough to get on a plane and fly across the country to get the greatest hugs ever!

2014-06-10 14.24.02

We were having a great day!

I thank her for so many things, but in this moment , on this day I thank her for sharing her beloved Aunt with me. I thank her for showing me that it doesn’t really matter that my legs are weak, or that my back does’t work properly, or that I hobble everywhere I go. It did not matter I use a cane, it did not matter that my hair has turned gray, the only thing that mattered was sharing such love., such beauty in the midst of an insane and unpredictable life, I will never forget her or this day as long as I live.

I say thank you with all my heart.

2014-06-10 14.23.31

Pretty wicked if you ask me…

2014-06-10 13.52.18

What a view…. I swear I thought I was dreaming.

Back down to earth and the reality I was in, I realized it had started to rain.

So, the little pup and I strolled back to his home for a much-needed snack and something to drink. Then a NAP! Back to the present day to finish the days work and go home to let my beasts out and check on my famous rain buckets and pray to make sure my roof was still attached.

I admit it was a lovely walk through the woods, and thinking about such a wonderful day I spent with my friend.

Our Home!

Thankfully, the roof is still above my head!

2014-07-08 13.19.44

I cleaned up a few things and set out for home… I love my home , even if the roof is testing my patience. So the little pup went straight for his nap and I took myself home.

Home, is a good word. It is a good place.

It is my home.



Home is where I lay my head down at the end of whatever day I have had. It is where I am greeted with love,and sometimes such a mess, for I am so busy doing for others I have worn myself out to do for me. That’s okay, for I figure I am only going to be here once.. May as well make sure I am truly living this life I have.Broken as I may be, I am up for the adventures that come my way.

For now I will say this, I had such an amazing summer filled with tears, and laughter and such dancing  one can only imagine. I will tell you about that another day!

2014-05-22 19.43.11

Busy, busy, busy.

“A busy life is a happy life”, my one daughter often tells me, she is correct.

Though I confess… I think…

I left apart of my heart back on the east coast.

2014-06-16 15.27.56

You know who you are, I miss you terribly, and I love you with every single breath I take.

Thank you my friend, thank you…

That is all for today, as I say in my world…

“Say goodnight Gracie!”

Robin joi

~ a simple bird 



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