Baby it’s cold outside…

As I drove this morning to go play with a very rambunctious pup today I stopped and looked around. It is winter, among the dull and gray roads covered with coldness I see the pretty lights that are busy spreading smiles all over my town. It does make me smile.

Today I am not feeling well, a cold has seemed to land inside my head. I am not a fan of being sick. I always tell my kids it is against my religion to catch a cold. Oh well stock up on tissues and cold medicines and snuggle down with my three beasts and hope for the best. I blame this cold on my 18-year-old. Could be worse…

December is my birthday month and this year I am happy to say I am actually NOT headed into the hospital to get a new body part. This year I am gong out for lunch with my favorite partner in crime. My husband. I love to go for lunch . It has been a very long time since we have gone out for anything, too busy trying to keep our home afloat. I think it s okay to sneak away for a small bite to eat, now and then, it too is good for the soul.

It is my favorite place in the universe to eat!

Salmon in any style is simply delicious! ( maybe that’s the Jewish part of me coming out!)  The people who work there are very kind to me. I just love sushi what can I say? It is ART on a plate!

Sushi Towns | Nigiri, sashimi, and rolls in the great American cities

What is not to love about it?

It is the best!

I am counting the days…. I have never been one to celebrate my birthday much, I always celebrate my children’s and my spouse, even my friends. I don’t know, my birthday has such a bunch of weird mixed emotions.

I was born on my grandfathers birthday, as a small child he would tell me I was the greatest gift he could receive and had no need for material gifts. He would then go on to show off the material gifts he received from other relatives. A Rolex watch for example that came from a doctor.  It made my heart sink when I realized my gifts, were hidden in drawers or never opened up. I had painstakingly made these with love, embroidered hankies and paintings I made with such love for him. I always felt a little small and never quite good enough for anyone to be proud of.  It is funny how these sorts of things stay with us so many years later.

Embroidered Handkerchiefs and Vintage Clothing | eBay

How can I celebrate my own birthday without thinking of this man I held higher than life?

I would call him up on OUR birthday and wish him the happiest of days. He would reply later in life, ” Why thank you for remembering!” Then he would tell me of the gifts he had received and then go on to tell me I was wasting money on the phone call ( times have changed, used to cost ALOT to call long distance.)

He would remind me to breathe and then hang up the phone.

He had forgotten it was my birthday too.

Age had set in, I suppose. It left me feeling sad.

Maybe this year is a little different for me because I was able to say goodbye to him this summer when I was out east with my girlfriend.

She will never truly know what a gift this was for my soul.

2014-06-09 12.38.54

I think he knew I was there.

( the only dry headstone in the entire cemetery)

 2014-08-15 21.04.08

I miss these moments with my grandfather, and I don’t have one single photo of us together. ( that is part of the reason I take and keep so many photographs.)

I think he would be pleased at the life I have managed to keep up.

Maybe, now I can enjoy the rest of the life that is mine.

Grandchildren are an amazing gift in life. I love to watch the OMG kind of love I see in my granddaughters eyes when Grandpa comes home or sits down to play a game with her.

These are such precious moments and I am thrilled to capture them for her.

Before They Were Parks - Brooklyn : NYC Parks

Playing handball in New York .

My grandfather was famous for this sport. He was quite the sportsman. Tennis, swimming, Polo, the list is far too long. Oh how I wish I had photographs of these times…

I am certain he would shake his noggin at the world today and that people play video games instead of  being outdoors . Times have changed that is for sure.

Well, that’s my thoughts for today, I will leave with this little note.

If you are blessed enough to know your grandparents, or a grandchild, make the most of the time . Time is fleeting and there never seems to be enough of it..

 Treasure it.

Embrace it.

 Make the time.

Contemplating life.

2014-05-09 18.12.40 

This year, I say a thank you to my grandfather in particular, who did the best he knew how.

I thank him for loving me when I thought I was pretty unlovable.

Happy birthday Papa.

I hope you are finally resting in peace.

In memory of Herman Rudolph

2014-06-09 12.38.14

I miss you every single day.

2014-06-13 02.02.51

Life is short.

Hold on tight to those special ones.

Thank you for joining me today.

I hope that everyone who is able to share a moment with their grandparents or a grandchild takes the time to do so. A phone call is greeted with such love, you cannot imagine.

If you don’t I am available to borrow.

~ Robin joi.

a simple bird with an extraordinary life.


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